At The Resort

My wife and I we at a ski resort and we were playing around in the room. We laid out some plastic on the floor and with just the curtains open and with only the light of the TV on we covered each other in a lubricant and massaged each other and then slid over each other. I was really fun to just glide over one another. Warm and super secy. The lubricant we used was some type of grapefruit oil or something like that and the problem was that when we went to take a shower, it seems that water is what made the lubricant extremely slippery. We were slipping and sliding all over the place. It is a wonder that neither of us got killed.

I also loved the warm lubricant on her body where I could massage her and just rub her body and slip two or three fingers into her soft, wet, warm and open **** and then out as if were just part of her body that was rubbed and felt up all the time. That night it was hard not be hard all night long.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Any idea if anyone was able to look into the room and see what was going on?

Some of the excitement is the risk, some is not knowing if anyone saw anything.