Amputee Sex

well.....its an awesome experience which i ever had....
Sex after being an amputee..i myself is an amputee..i lost my left arm and leg in an accident...i was so dissapointed at the begining..but later i love to live as an amputee...My bubbly small leg stump and funny long arm stump made more attractive for men...They found of these stumps much!!!
This dissability enchanced my sex life...seems like i became more sexiest now than with 4 healthy!!
My 1st experience was with an arm amputee man...really he was awesome..
he doesn't had both palms...simply just 2 long hands without palms...the time he touched and rubbed through my *****,wow!!!thata beyond words...his thin stump was very perfect for ****!!!
and i had it with another double above knee amputee was a fine those small stumps to lick out...
Nithi1 Nithi1
26-30, F
1 Response May 24, 2013

im so happy that you have a better sex life and have found away to meet others who need your kind of love and attention. thanks for sharing.