I Love Sucking Strangers *****

I won't let a complete stranger **** me, or even kiss me, but I love meeting a guy for the first time and taking his **** into my mouth. There's something very cool about blowing someone you don't know at all, taking that strange **** into your mouth, and trying to figure out what he likes and what will make him *** the fastest.
I usually start slow, getting his **** really wet with saliva, and getting him rock hard, and then I wait to see if he leads the way by pushing into my throat, or thrusting into my mouth, and if he does I follow along.
If he doesn't I start stroking his **** with my mouth, sliding my lips down his shaft till a little bit of his **** slides into my throat, and then I keep doing that, slowly, my tongue pressed against his **** shaft with a little suction, and I listen for sounds he might make, or notice that what I'm doing is making him tense all over. And if he's responding I keep up the steady rhythm, my mouth going deep on his **** till he starts to explode, and his *** spews into my mouth, wet, warm, and slimy with that individual strong taste.
And after he's drained I gulp down the last drops of his *** and then stand up as he pulls up his pants.
And hopefully there were other guys watching and waiting, and I get to repeat my performance over and over, gulping down *** till there are no ***** left to suck.
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3 Responses Oct 18, 2012

I love sucking mens' ***** too. Strangers...Mmmmm...The best!

I have to read this story every couple of days it is great love Penny

you go GF I love your style and enjoy doing same , your discription reminds me of tmy last treat and i could feel and taste a sweet hard **** just thinking as i read your discription love penny