My Wife Lets Me **** Her Mother. Will It Cause Problems Later On??

Julie is 19 and I'm 22 and have been married for about a year. We lived on our own for a while but recently moved in with her Mom so we could save money to buy a house. Ann is just like her daughter....tall, slender, small breasts, nice firm *** and very very shy. Her husband died in a car wreck about 5 years ago and she has been alone ever since. She had dated a few times, but is so shy when she meets someone new that the guys never call back for a second date. So she hasn't been laid in 5 years and at age 38 I guess that can be pretty tough.Once she gets to know some one she comes out of her shell and is really a very fun type gal. Julie was the same way and on our wedding night.....she was still a virgin.....she wouldn't undress with the lights on. She's gotten alot better about it now though. I don't have alot of time so I'm going to write this in several parts as I get the chance.
Julie wants a baby as soon as possible and so far we haven't had alot of luck. We **** almost every night. She has the habit of moaning or screaming loudly when she ****...which I kind of like to hear....but since our room is right next to her Mom's I have made her try to be quieter so Ann doesn't hear us. But every once in a while she lets out a war hoop and the next morning Ann gives us a wink and a big grin at breakfast which means she heard us. Ann masturbates alot and like her daughter she once in a while gets a little too carried away and lets out a yell. Then it's me who winks at her at breakfast and she usually blushes...which I love to see.
We didn't realize how our lovemaking was affecting Ann until what happened late one night.
I'll continue this soon and hope you enjoy it.
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Loved the story..Thanks for sharing it. would you tell us about the first 3some?


Awesome story. You sure have it made. I would love to **** my mother in law. She is a very sexy woman and her husband died a few years ago.

Although it has been 25 years I could still envision My MIL as I read. I often wonder if she ever told my ex about us

Part 7<br />
Before Julie and I fell asleep in each others arms she told me that she and her Mom had a long talk and that she will do anything to please her man. She also said that as long as I kept her satisfied that I could have sex with her Mom anytime I wanted. She said that starting tomorrow all three of us would sleep in Ann's big king size bed and she also said that she andher Mom had never tried sex with another woman and they would be trying that and I could watch and join in if I wanted. Julie said that Ann told her that the thing I wanted the most was to **** her in the ***. Ann told her that it could hurt alot the first time we did it and that Ann would help her do it later on tonite. She said she would do it because she loved me so much.<br />
Ann also told her that she would start monitoring Julie's cycles and temperatures and would help me get her pregnant.<br />
A few hours later when we woke up Julie told me to leave the room and send Ann in. When they called me back into the room Julie was bent over the edge of the bed with her *** up in the air on some pillows and her feet on the floor. Her ankles were tied to the bottom posts of the bed so her legs were spread wide. Her wrists were tied to to top bedposts so she couldn't move. Her asscheeks were spread wide exposing her tight little hole. Ann used her finger to lube Julie's ******* and then coated my hard **** with lube. I pressed my cockhead against her tiny ******* and tried to enter her. She was so tight and I started pushing harder and she began to scream and told me to stop. Ann took a pair of panties ans stuffed them in Julie's mouth to muffle her screams ans told me to keep pushing until I finally stretched he hole until my **** slid inside her. I began to take slow strokes...deeper and deeper as Julie screamed and struggled against the ropes holding her down. Ann told me not to stopuntil I was finished and when I finally shot my load deep inside Julie she had a massive ******* aand passed out on the bed. We untied her and when she came to I held her in my arms and kissed her. She told me that once she got used to it that she actually enjoyed it and we would do it again soon.<br />
Ann said we would start preparing to get her pregnant in the morning and we all went into Ann's room, got in her big king bed and fell asleep together.

Part 6<br />
Ann looked at Julie and said that she was sucking me because Julie refused to do it and such a nice big **** deserved to be sucked. She said it was about time that Julie learned how to please a man so she dragged Julie into the shower clothes and all and pushed her to her knees in front of me. She opened Julies mouth and pushed my hard **** in. Julie gaged and coughed but finally began sucking me. Ann got down next to her and began licking my balls. I had already *** twice and didn't think I had enough left to *** again, but the sight of my **** going in and out of my wifes mouth got me so turned on that I shot a nice load into her mouth. She gagged and tried to spit it out but Ann held her mouth shut and she finally swallowed it. Ann told me to go to the bedroom and rest up and that she and Julie had something that needed to be taken care of. I laid down on the bed and about 15 minutes later the door opened and Ann and Julie came in both totally naked. When I looked at Julie I got the surprise of my life since her ***** had been shaved and I had never seen it totally bare before. Julie straddled my face and I licked and sucked her smooth bare ***** while Ann licked and fondled Julie's breasts. Julie finallty had a huge ******* and collapsed on top of me. Ann smiled and told us to both rest up because it was going to be a long weekend and she was going to teach Julie how to **** the way I liked it. She also said it was about time Julie got pregnant and she had some tricks toget the job done,<br />
What happened next ?????

Julie works at a local beauty shop learning to be a hairdresser. The next saturday they asked her to come in since one of the regular girls was out sick. Ann had bought some shrubs that she wanted me to plant in front of the house so we went out to do that. It was about 98 degrees and very humid and by the time I finished we were both soaked in sweat. I said I was going to take a shower and she laughed and said she would wash my back if I washed hers. Since Julie was supposed to be gone all day I said OK. We went into the bathroom and for the first time I saw Ann *****. She did it slowly to tease me and was finally naked with sweat running down her body. I touched her wet breast sand began licking the salty sweat off of them. I started down to her belly and crotch and she stopped me. She was having her period and said it could be pretty nasty down there. Then I saw the little tampon string hanging out of her *****. She looked at my rock hard **** and said there must be something we could do with it. She went across the hall to her bedroom and came back with a bottle of lube. Then she bend over the vanity and spread her asscheeks. I told her I have never done anal on a woman before and she said to go very slowly and use plenty of lube. I lubed one finger and slid it into her tight little *******. She began to moan softly so then I tried 2 and finally 3 fingers. Then I lubed my **** and slowly worked it into her. I slowly slid it back and forth as she moaned louder and louder. It felt so good and in a minute or so I shot my load inside her. When I pulled out she let a big fart and my *** along with some brown liquid shot all over my belly. She laughed and said she probably should have cleaned out first, but we were headed to the shower anyway. <br />
I said I had to pee really bad, but before I could get to the toilet she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower. She squatted down and told me to pee on her. I have never done this either, but I cut loose and peed all over her. Then she stood up and told me to kneel down and she peed allover me. Her hot pee felt so good . Then we showered for a long time and washed each other all over. Her soapy body felt so good to the touch. We rinsed off and she began to fondle my balls and stroke my **** which was now hard again. She took my **** in her mouth and began to suck it while she played with my balls.<br />
The noise of the water running in the shower kept us from hearing too well and all of a sudden the shower door opened and there stood Julie. She said "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?"<br />
<br />
What happened next??? You tell me.<br />
Did Julie throw a fit. Did she forbid Ann and me from getting together anymore? Maybe so and maybe not.

Part 4<br />
Next friday Julie left for bowling. Ann was already in her room so I showered and went in. Damn...the room was pitch dark again. I wanted to see her naked body so long would she make me wait? I slipped under the covers and reached over to touch her. There was no nightie this time and I kissed her and fondled her nice firm breasts and then slid my hand down her body expecting to find panties again. But she was completely naked and when I moved my hand between her thighs I felt her ***** completely bare. I threw the covers back and she spread her legs wide and I began to eat that warm, wet, bare *****. I kept it up until her body shook all over, she screamed and came. She said we could play more later but she wanted me inside her right now. I started to mount her but she pushed me over on my back and straddled me. She pushed her wet ***** down onto my **** and slowlytook me inside her. I was surprised how tight she was considering she had had a baby. She said she wanted it to last and she moved up and down very slowly and each time I was all the way in she would lay very still for a minute and kiss me. She leaned down so I could kiss and fondle her breasts and hard nipples. She had an ******* and then began wiggling her nice little *** and ******* me faster and harder. I tried to hold out as long as I could because I was loving it so much, but I finally shot my load deep inside her. She came again and layed down on top of me and kept me inside her until I got soft. When she finally got off she turned around on me and let me lick the juices from her ***** while she cleaned up my **** with her tongue. We finally layed down side by side exhausted.<br />
Then she reached over to the nightstand and turned on the light so I could see her naked body. We cuddled and played for a while until I finally got hard again. My wife Julie only likes it one on top while she lays there. She doesn't care for any other positions so I was so happy when Ann got on top of me. So I started to get on top of Ann again, but she pushed me off and got on all fours at the edge of the bed and said to **** her brains out. I stood up behind her and ****** her hard and deep and we almost came at the same time.<br />
Julie would be home soon so we cuddled a little and then I got up to leave. We had agreed with Julie to just do it once a month and I told Ann I would go nuts waiting that long. But she said she would be starting her period next week so we would have to wait a week or so anyway. She told me how happy she was that Julie was letting us have sex together at all and that it would be worth waiting for. Also I would have plenty of sex in the meantime since Julie wanted a baby so badly and that kept me busy. Ann said it took almost 2 years before she finally got pregnant with Julie so not to worry if it took a while with her.<br />
We stood up and I took her in my arms and pulled our naked bodies together and gave her a long, deep, wet kiss and went to the bathroom to clean up.

part 3<br />
Friday came and Julie lewft for bowling about 7PM. That gave us about 2-3 hours together. Ann went into the bathroom and I heard the shower. She came out in a robe went into her room and I took a quick shower knocked on her door and went in. The room was completely lights....and I though to myself she's shy just like Julie is. I made my way to the bed, dropped my shorts and got under the covers next to her. She was wearing a nighty and smelled so good. I began running my hands over her and finally put my hand under the nightie and cupped her breasts. They were very firm for a gal her age and her nipples were already hard. I slowly worked my hand down her body and discovered she had panties on too. But when I down her belly toward her crotch she pulled it back up to her breasts. She finally sat up and took off her nightie and I began kissing her body especially her nice *******. I took her hand and put it on my belly and she began to feel around until she found my hard ****. She played gently with my balls and stocked my **** and again I ran my hand down to her crotch. This time she let me feel her ***** through her panties. Right away I knew she was alot like Julie since she had an enormous mound of ***** hair. But when I tried to remove her panties she stopped me and just sighed. After 2 more tries I finally asked her what was wrong....was I moving on her too fast?? She said that she was so sorry, but she had been so long for her that she had completely forgotten to get any protection and just realized I could get her pregnant. She said she would go to town next week and get some sponges for next time but I would have to settle for oral tonite. She rolled me on my back and took my **** in her mouth and gave me the sweetest ******* I have ever had. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. <br />
Now that I was drained she slipped off her panties, spread her legs and pulled my face down into her dripping wet bush. In spite of having to dig through the hair I enjoyed fingering and licking her ***** and **** and made her *** several times. She screamed so loud I bet the neighbors heard her LOL. Then we .cuddled and talked and she explained that she didn't want her panties off while I was still hard since she might have given in and let me **** her. I told her I would have pulled out if she asked me to, but she didn't want to take that chance. She also said that she hadn't shaved because she knew Julie had a big bush and she thought I liked it that way. She said she would take care of that before next time.<br />
Julie had agreed to us getting together maybe once a month, but since we actually didn't **** Ann said she would explain what happened and see if we could finish up next Friday. The next day Julie said OK.

Part 2<br />
One night Julie and I must have done everything right because she had several hard ******** and ended up screaming OH GOD DON'T STOP 3 or 4 times. I knew that Ann had heard us. Julie got up to go take a pee. When she wasn't back in a while I got up and went looking for her. Ann's door was open and the 2 of them were sitting on the bed and Ann was crying her eyes out. Julie motioned for me to go away and a little while later she came back to our room to explain. Ann had heard us again. She was almost 39 years old, hadn't had sex in over 5 years and was afraid she would spend the rest of her life ************ and would never enjoy sex again. It was tearing her up to hear the 2 of us ******* and enjoying each other while she got nothing.. She finally asked Julie if she could "borrow" me even for just one night so she could feel a man inside her again. Julie said she loves her Mother so much and hated to see her suffer and that if I were willing she would set up something for Ann and me. She didn't realize how "willing" I was LOL. I told her that if she was OK with it that maybe I could :"service" Ann once in a while. But Julie would have to be 100% OK with it or I wouldn't do it. She agreed to try it once and then see how it went after that. I told her that I would like to be alone with Ann and that I didn't want alot of questions afterwards. Her bowling league meets on friday nights so that would give Ann and me a couple of hours alone. Julie said she would talk to her Mom in the morning and set things up.<br />
I couldn't stop thinking about it and how Ann might be in the sack. She was an awful lot like Julie, but there were several things about my wife that bothered me a little. First of all she had alot ALOT of ***** hair and she refused to shave it off. She did finally trim alot of it off but still kept some around her vagina. She said it was unhealthy to shave it all off...that GOD put the hair there for a reason. ???. She loved when I gave her oral, but she refused to return the favor. She sais that she couldn't see how a woman could suck on a man's ****. She called it "dirty" sex. If she only knew how badly I wanted a good *******. She also refused anal sex for the same "dirty" reason. I couldn't help wondering if Ann had the same hangups.<br />
You'll find out some of the answers later