Giration Of The Hips And Lips!

Hows that for a title.... but that's how I do it.

I am really getting into squatting over a guy and rotating my labia lips around the head of his penis.

Some guys *** in seconds whilst others need plenty of oral before hand.

A well positioned mirror and you can see the *** spurt into every nook and cranny.


bazzerooni bazzerooni
36-40, F
11 Responses Jul 26, 2010

You are amazing

I have a GF who will go put and play with other guys but always be in charge, after a lot of other teasing and flirting and touching she will EVENTUALLY (and this might even be over a period of a few "dates") slide her ***** over his erection. After making him wait in frustration for so long the rush is amazing for everyone!

Oh bummer! Now I'm wet and I have to be off to work now! Naughty joeinva and bazzerooni anyway!

Yes and Yes.<br />
I love it too.<br />
My wife will do this some times but she can't handel it for long.<br />
If I tease her this way she will demand for penatration.<br />
<br />
Thanks<br />

love it.

Oh, oh ,oh yessss! I love it that way!

Had a girlfriend that liked to put me on my back on a mat on the floor and she would climb on and instead of putting it in she would slide up and down on it working herself into the right angle and speed and while I did not *** that way, it was a huge pleasure to see her enjoying herself so much and get to stroke her all over and yummy kisses too.

That is something I have not done. A few lapdances came close, but obviously I was clothed. Would love to do that with you

Aroused right now!

I haven't done this, but I really wanna try now!!!

I love that feeling too