There's much more to sex than penetration, it shouldn't be the main event when there's so much more to do, there are many other delights found in acts of friction. Sometimes denial adds to the excitement and makes the climax even more intense.
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oral is wonderful...we did it for years as only we she could get there. We called it "camping" (I was the one camping :-). Then she found that with a pillow underneath she could raise her knees toward her chest and get much better stimulation from my p-bone... and the feeling of her openness against my p-area was (is) amazing!!! Oral to get her close, though.

I could not agree more. I adore the moment before I achieve what I long for.

Too many men and women alike seem to forget that the entire body has nerves and senses... Not taking the time to explore and enjoy is like taking a trip to the virgin islands, and never leaving your hotel room.... There's so much more to be experienced!

I'm not sure what a "jounrey" is. I must have been tired. Tis true bironi.

It's the anticipation. The jounrey can be as fun as the arrival.

I find that sexual activity without actually "doing the deed" does truly enhance the experience. Whether it's holding back at the beginning of a long love-making session, or if it's a pattern of denial over a period of days, when the consummation does actually occur, it can be truly incredible!!

Yes, it can certainly be very stimulating.

Heh heh heh.... dry humping is anything BUT!