I have always had sex without condoms. It feels better and is natural.
This year it finally all caught up to me and now I'm 5 months pregnant. However that won't stop me and I'm still enjoying lots of natural sex with my partners.
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The primal instincts, connection with one another, and the intensity are all reasons why sex is sooo much better natural with no condoms, plus the biggest risk of them all is always there but never is enough to overpower the euphoric/orgasmic/stimulating pleasure of two partners as intimate and connected as it gets

I def wouldn't mind that;)


Wish that I am your partner too

yes right...I wish u had to enjoy hot sex with me..

Pregnant sex is the best! I love how horny pregnant women get. I just can't get enough.

May you have many babies

Can I join you sometime?

I wish it was with me. I am clipped.

Very attractive. I'd love an add so we could chat about it.

Message me

That's great congrats.