I like when he pushes in deep after he finishes. Pushing his come as far as it can go. His smooth c ock pumping in and out of me is what I live for.
mamafy mamafy
31-35, F
5 Responses Aug 20, 2014

The way you sexpress yourself is a major turn on ;-)

Does he ever have the stamina to go twice in a row? It's pretty ******* hot to *** inside a girl, and immediately **** her again right afterwards. It's so ******* messy and wet and perfect.

******* inside her the second time is even better than the first

I had a visectomy and now I can do that all the time ;)

Feel me inside of you, you'll feel it farther in than you knew it could go and you'll have a whole new reason to live ;)

Mmm...a horny girl after my own heart. ;)