My legs are going to be sore tomorrow. My bf and I had sex outside. He likes to ride me from behind so I had to bend over and get on my knees on concrete! I think he was really turned on by me being ready to do it anywhere. My legs were shaky after. He gave it to me so hard. another perk about no protection. He just flipped my skirt bent me over and pushed in deep.
mamafy mamafy
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8 Responses Aug 31, 2014

Spontaneous unprotected sex is just the best ;-)

Bareback is so personal. The only way for lovers .

That is one of the best things about no condoms. You can just **** any time anywhere. No panties make it so easy to just slip it in for a little quickie.

I love when she has *** inside her out in public. So naughty!

Awesome, glad you two had fun. I'm sure it will be worth it!

God damn got any friends? ;)


Nice, always fun when you can **** anywhere you want...wish I could do this more.

Totally! I've done it outside, and no protection💏👗🆒

Sex outside is great, just ordered a bunch of crotchless panties and thongs for the lady.