Gothic Charm

Whitby is delightful in the summer sunshine. Stuart had taken me in hand after my latest disaster in love and decided I needed to come with him to visit the Abbey where he was researching his latest article. The Gothic charm had quickly drawn me in and I'd become lost in my imagination as I wandered through the cloisters, thoughts of Bram Stoker's dark hero fueling my fantasies. We'd walked down the winding cobbled steps into the suffocating heat and busstle of the narrow streets by the harbour... fingers touching; not quite wanting to appear like lovers but needing to feel close. Stuart was one of the constants in my life and I loved him... like a brother.

I was feeling mellow by the time we'd had a couple of ice cold beers in a harbourside pub; we sat outside on the harbour wall, watching the fishing boats across the narrow inlet unloading cases full of ice and fish into the market hall. There was just a little breeze by the waterside, and I was pleased I'd chosen a loose cotton dress; it buttoned all the way up the front and by sitting carefully and unfastening some of the buttons, I could feel the air rise over my legs and flow in a refreshing stream over my thighs, kissing my tummy and caressing my breasts before reaching my face.

Stuart was wearing dark blue, Z-Brand shorts and a baggy denim shirt open over a grey T-shirt. He looked lovely in a slightly foppish kind of way, and as we made our way slowly back up the steps to the Abbey car park, I slid my arm round his waist and held him close. He's a runner and his muscles felt lean and toned, and as I felt them move under the soft cotton of his clothes the fire was kindled in that place deep down in my tummy. I swallowed, and almost melted as Stuart's hand slid rouond my waist, stroking across the top of my bottom... and then again, a little lower... and a third time as he stopped and turned me towards him, a glazed look in his eyes and his hand firmly and unselfconsciously, if not enthusiastically exploring my curves. “Bloody Hell, Claudia; you're not, are you? You're bloody not!”

Poor boy... Gazing into his eager eyes, I took Stuart's hand and guided it to the front of my dress and slid his fingers in mine between the buttons till I felt the soft fuzz of my neatly trimmed curls and Stuart's fingers found the wetness of my arousal.

And as I replay the story in my mind, my dress now unbuttoned to the waist and Stuart's hand expertly circling my ****, I feel my ****** coming. My hand is inside my dress, fingers squeezing my nipples; I raise my hips from the seat for a better angle and Stuart keeps to my rhythm. I hear just a quiet background hum and somewhere, the radio playing as I get closer... closer... closer. I feel the cool air between my legs as I spread them further, my juices now trickling down my bottom and wet on my seat, and the thought of that is bringing me closer still, and that lovely, erotic squelchy sound of sex.

Nearly there... all my muscles are tense and I forget to breathe in my warm and sesuous bubble until a noise snaps my eyes open and I look up, out of the car window, into the eyes, the incredulous eyes of the passengers in the coach we're passing; at once my ****** rolls over me and I'm no longer in this world as wave over wave passes through me. I grasp Stuart's hand tightly and thrust his fingers deep into me, moving to milk every precious spasm until at last, I feel relaxation and the afterglow approach, and I have the overwhelming urge to laugh out loud.
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"and I have the overwhelming urge to laugh out loud."
Unfortunately so did I. I must stop reading these 'posts' whilst there are others there to see me, they already think I am starting to 'loose it' and reading these 'posts' of yours is doing nothing to rectify the situation.

I am really pleased they have such an effect!

Very not

Tee hee... not sure I understand, though!

Sorry, I was about to cumm. Typo, very hot

... and I thought I was the only one obsessed with carefully fastening and unfastening the buttons, over and over again. ****sigh, i need that now****

tee hee....

Wow Claudia... I love your writing!

Love it, got something similar to write myself so will let you know!

Wow what a story

Great story, I only wish I was Stuart!!

The type of experiences I like.

So great I found myself licking my own fingers expecting to taste your pleasure. Very erotic, I love your style.

Very well written.

That's one not exhibit!

What a gorgeous, delicious story.

An absolute stunning story by a very attractive, beautiful woman

you must of been an incredible sight to those who past by you, and your ****** had to have been just as incredible as you came for all those watching. Stuart must have had a great time with your lovely body. nice of you to share yourself to the world as you did, thanks