Everybody love sex. And good food. So too a good laugh and good company. And if you enjoy wine , a good vintage. If you like good movies , you'll LOVE your favourite. Yet , SEX is the one thing we need to procreate. But unlike animals we nurture this noblest of bodily functions to be practiced very discreetly. With a partner you LOVE , even two or three partners in a polygamous relationship that care for each other.
We hate ****. . . . . . Child **** should be punishable by DEATH!!!!! Beware !! you phsycos, wierdos and crackpots on the internet that peddle sicko stories and pictures.
There need to be balance if you 'love sex' . Life is not just about money , power or sex. Too much of anything is , soon , TOO MUCH to bear.
ryksteman ryksteman
56-60, M
Jul 15, 2010