What Color Underwear You Are Wearing, Now?

Hey All Women Here,
Please answer it as a comment.
I really would like to have this survey...my guess is that black will win.

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thebrazilianlover thebrazilianlover
36-40, M
9 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I love PINK !!! Thank you!!!<br />
<br />


No panties today????

I would like to say that I love black ...thank you Choccienbean, I love even more when it is off ...than you skypegirl...and at last but not leat ...pink ...I love too...thank you LizetteWild ...you should repeat it today ...<br />
what colors today????


pink with tiny white dots

Mine are camoflauge panties....but they're off now. ;-)

Black! xx

No underwear ????