Exposed By Two Girls

When I was about ten, two girls attacked me and took out my ****.  To be fair they were also about ten so I suppose it was quite normal.
Everyone in the street where I lived had to walk about a mile to school but no one thought this had any risk because men attacking young children did not seem to happen.
 A little group got to know each other and started to experiment.  There were clumps of bushes at several points on the way home and these became our playground.  Some of the lads had already got a favourite female friend and had played “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine” so the play in the bushes was often sexual, showing ******* and ***** and even pushing things into a **** from time to time.
The girls were too young to be really interested in sex and seemed to only join in to ensure they were popular with the boys, so no handling of the ***** or sucking took place.  But I learnt what a smooth bare ***** looked like.  I don’t remember any hair.
The other children obviously began to realise we were up to something and some of them wanted to join in the fun.  There was one girl I really liked with a gorgeous mop of ginger hair but she was not in the play circle.  Let’s call her Audrey.  She was a fairly timid girl but had a friend Marion who was very over confident and brash.
One day when I was again trying to get Audrey to be friends, in the hope we could get round to kissing and sexual play her friend Marion started to be friendly and suggested we all go for a walk along the stream.  We lived in an area surrounded by countryside so there were lots of places in the open without any houses close by.
I was not interested in Marion but knew that if I agreed to her plans I would be in Audrey’s company for some time so I fell in with their plan.  Marion soon showed what was on her mind.
‘What so you normally do on the way home.’
‘Oh, a group of us play together.’
‘We’ve heard about that.  You go in the bushes.  What are you doing in there?’
 ‘We get to know each other.’
‘You all know each other very well.  There must be more than that.’
‘Well the girls show their ***** and the boys take out their *****.’
Marion made clear her intentions.  By now we were in the middle of an open grassy patch so we could see both ends of the field but there were houses quite close.  We would be able some one in the kitchen or the lounge and they would be able to see us.
‘Well we want to see your ****.’
‘Ok but we will have to go back where the bushes are.’
‘No way.  I want to see it now.’
‘Sod off,’ I said.
Marion grabbed my arm.  ‘Come on Audrey.  You grab the other arm.’
I could see Audrey was reluctant but she obeyed her best friend and grabbed my arm rather feebly.
I knew that I could break away quite easily but the idea that two girls would play with my **** by force was a huge turn on and I got a solid hard on.  I started to struggle with them as if I was unable to fight them off.  I got them down on the ground so that in the fighting I could see their knickers as they rolled around.  Then Audrey sat on my chest so that I could pretend I could not move.  Marion took down my trousers and underpants to reveal a **** standing like a flagpole.  Even then I was much bigger that other boys in my class.
Marion was delighted.  ‘Look at it.  I didn’t know they were that big.  And it’s hard like iron.  Touch it Audrey.  Have a feel.’
Audrey used the excuse that she would have to get off my chest to play with me so Marion dived in and placed her hand round my stalk.  I could feel the tension building up and was beside myself with glee.  The afternoon would be complete if I could get Audrey to hold it as well.  Eventually they exchanged places and I was in heaven when Audrey took hold of my ****.
For some reason she did just the right thing and moved her hand up and down, whereas Marion had just grabbed it.  I am sure she could tell it was the right thing to do because my breathing was getting very ragged.  They got tired after ten minutes or so and at that age I did not ***..  I was determined to get some fun myself even if I had to used force like they had on me.  So I told them that it was my turn now and they had to take their knickers off and face me with their legs apart.
After some persuasion Marion did just that but Audrey just sat and watched.  Marion faced her **** towards me and opened her legs and pushed her knees up so I had the perfect view.  I was a little disappointed because all she had was two puffy mounds with a slit between and no hair.  In fact her arsehole was a more interesting site because I could see it fully with her legs in that position.
I then tried to forcibly take down Audrey’s knickers but at that point they ran away so I had to go back to my group of friends to get more play with ***** and *****.  It never got beyond play so it was several years before I had real sexual play with a girl.  But then life got interesting as  you will see from my other stories.
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child life is always wonderful, yeah!

Quite an exciting story. Thanks.