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My wife and I were watching a **** movie, which was pretty silly, even for a **** film. The film didn't take itself seriously, and everything was "all in good fun." We were having a good time, and eventually started ************ each other.

During a scene in which one woman was being serviced by two men, my wife stopped ************ me and climbed on, reverse cowgirl, so she could still watch the movie. I began to thumb her anus, as she posted up and down on my johnson. In a beautiful bit of synchronicity, the folks in the film were in a DP. My wife had a pretty intense ******.

She then knelt between my legs and finished me off orally, paying some pretty intense attention to my own anus.

Life is good.
BlackDawg BlackDawg
46-50, M
2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I'll ask her.

good for you and her, does she come on to EP? would love for her to tell her side of the adventure