Doggy Style With My Hair Pulled?????

He must have read my story in the group "I want to be f*cked doggy style and have my hair pulled."   hehehe!!!!  *wink* ;-)

He pulled me close and kissed me deeply. It had been so long since we'd last seen eachother we both trembled with anticipation. His hands swept over me, touching my soft bits making me breathless, making me wet, making me throb deep inside, making me want to be filled with him, making me want him to take me....

He bit my neck sending shivers down my spine as his fingers felt their way up my legs hiking up my skirt and finding their way into my moist panties...

He pressed his body against me making me move back more and more and soon I found myself being laid back onto the hotel bed...

His fingers kept moving on their journey as his deep kisses filled my mouth, my legs spread wide, I wanted him to feel me, to feel my wetness, I needed it so badly...I spread my legs further...

Ummmmm....I felt him slip his fingers inside me...I almost gasped it felt so good, I've been craving a mans touch for so long...
he rocked his hand against my mound and pressed his fingers deeper and deeper into my wetness, curving them upward, pressing against my g-spot. He pressed again and again....rhythmically probing me as our tongues danced and soon I found myself exploding in a flood of juices...he knows when he presses that spot it makes me just let go!!!

He whispers into my ear to get on all fours... I turn, slipping off my panties, pulling my skirt up and I get into position, sticking my soft round *ss up in the air and cannot wait to feel him enter me. It's been so long, I've needed a c*ck so badly, I need him to **** me...I need him to **** my p*ssy hard and deep.

I feel him guide the head of his **** into my wet slit and press gently as he knows it's been a while. He grabs my hips and starts to pump into me slowly at first and increases his speed. Oh the feeling, I've needed this so badly!!! He gently eases his hard c*ck in and out of me at a slow pace. I am getting lost in the feeling. Ummmm, I am loving this...

I then feel his hands on my shoulders grasping tightly and then they move to my head...his hands stroke my hair as he continues to pump into me a bit harder and deeper now... then he grasps my hair...not hard but firmly...he continues to pump into me even harder now and pulls my hair into a ponytail with his hurts a little but the pleasure I am feeling in my p*ssy overrrides the pain. He pulls harder on my hair as he plunges very deeply into me. Oh gosh, the feeling is incredible. I grasp the pillows and sheets beneath me with my fingers feeling another climax coming. As I *** he pulls my hair tighter, he knows I'm *******, he knows he's giving me intense pleasure...actually, it's pleasure and pain. Ohhhhh....yes.....I *** hard and very cries send him over the edge and he lets go plunging deep into my p*ssy unloading his hot c*m deep into me, filling me.......

Do I like it doggy style with my hair pulled???? 

WOOF!!!!!  *wink*
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Mmmmm, Baby!! Arf, arf...

Ahhh yes! Well told!

I just lived it through your story and enjoyed it tremendously! Thank you!


splendid experience

Wow, a fine time, well told! I particularly like thinking about this part, "As I *** he pulls my hair tighter, he knows I'm *******, he knows he's giving me intense pleasure...actually, it's pleasure and pain." It's a fine line between pleasure and pain ;)

Wow slyliljackal ! Glad you enjoyed it! :-)

This story was so hot it made me ***, very nice pix I loved it.

Oh yeah, anonther teash for a sexless male.

I'm sorry sweetie! ;-)

HOT Story

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i like sex in Skype add me ( masmas307 ) ^_

Thanks Master!!!!!!! :-)

Wonderful story and the end is the icing on the cake - bravo!

my favorite position. Pls come out and play with me!!!

woof,,woof ,, sounds like a fun ride

Oh baby, it was OH SOOOO HOTTTT to be there and FEEL it !!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

WOOF, BABY! Trot, canter, and gallop....It's all good!

YES deadbutalive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Yes, doggy style allows a man to get even more aggressive, because then we men can put more into pushing into a woman right into her hot *****, while grabbing her hips and giving her a few spanks along with pounding her good. And some hair pulling too, as well as raking my fingernails down her back and ***. Gots to love doing it doggy style!!!

Thanks hotbrat *wink*

Yes there is's pretty primal and hot isn't it? *grin*<br />
<br />
Sometimes he gives a 'spank' here and there too Deadbutalive ;-) It kind of adds to the excitement!

Doggy style is awesome fun. It also lets me spank the woman as I **** her, which I like doing lots also.

There is something very special about doggy style.

Thank you lingerie!!!!!!!!!!! *wink*

WOW now that is a wonderful story.


Yes flex, he does a great job! :-)

WOW...he really know how to **** a woman

I'm letting my hair grow and grow nitehowl!!! hehehe!!!!!