Adults Only All Inclusive Sex Vacation! Haha

So I’ve been craving a vacation lately, just to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and completely and utterly relax. I’ve travelled a lot in my short life- the last vacation I went on was to Mexico, in February.
I went to an adult all inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico called temptations resort. There are two of these resorts, one in Cancun and in Cabo. I went to the supposedly quieter one in Cabo, we were told that by others while there. It was gorgeous! That was my first time in Mexico and I had a really amazingly awesome time! I had been to DR the year before, but that was just me and my mom. It was fun- but not as fun as going to Mexico with this guy I was “dating” at the time.
I say “dating” in quotations because we were just *******. I had met him at a bar in the city I live in the weekend of a friends stagette- we didn’t sleep together that night, because I hate the attention of drunken men when I’m drunk, I prefer to see even just a glimmer of sincerity in their feelings for me, something I don’t think is possible when a man is drunk and horny most of the time.
However we did get home and had a dirty phone conversation which excited me to spend the next night with him- we had intended to go to the bar with his friends, and he had convinced me to come over to his hotel room and pre drink and help him “pick his outfit for the night” lol. We never did end up leaving the hotel room and just spent a couple hours enjoying each others bodies.
He doesn’t live in Edmonton, but is about a 5 hr drive away and was visiting with his friends for party time. The way and situation we met in was unique and cute- and there was an instant sexual attraction. So we planned a vacation together.
We’d both agreed that living in different cities, this relationship was only going to be about sex. I felt this way anyway because he is 3 years younger then me, almost exactly. I’m 24 so 21 is young! To young for me to consider seriously. So we went to Mexico together for a week.
We were the youngest couple there! In fact most couples beat us by like 20 years. That was kinda disappointing but not something I didn’t expect nor did he. We had a great time together- we had sex multiple times a day, there was free **** on constantly, it was nice. I remember some nights I could hear people in other rooms- that is a turn on for me- just to hear the moans and groans of other women in passionate moments.
I did want to experiment- in fact I went with the hope of having my first sexual experience with another women. The situation didn’t arise for us- it was insinuated, there were 2 married couples we spent a lot of time with- the husband was very interested in sharing, hehe, but the guy I was with didn’t really want to do it and I don’t think the wife did either. I’m not totally sure cuz sometimes she would flirt and other times she was moody. That’s women I guess tho. Lol.
Its hard not to get adventurous when you have a large mixture of heat, alcohol, and sexually charged men and women. I was nervous before going of feeling pressured into something I didn’t wanna do- I hate to feel pressure for anything. But when I’m relaxed I am adventurous and its really hard not to be relaxed at an all inclusive resort. So really sadly, it didn’t happen for us. I wish I had been more aggressive in my approach but what can you do!
However! Now its almost August, and I feel time for another all inclusive vacation. My biggest “dilemma” when going on vacation is first where, but then with who. Its not that I don’t have options- Most of the men i’ve been sexual with have a good understanding of how I operate and I know that for the most part, a lot of them are able to see things the way I do – we will use each other for a good time, but there is nothing more expected from the relationship and there won’t be before or after.
Its why I just like honesty- I can’t appreciate a man who thinks he must lie to me to get what he wants, as if he has to trap me into a sort of relationship or love feeling with him for me to get sexual. That isn’t the case, I enjoy using men for sex just as much as men do women. The problems always arise though when they don’t expect that from you and you realize you don’t care as much as they do. But that is not always the case.
Sooo I started to wonder who I could go with. I’m currently on the “prowl” haha and I haven’t actually had sex for like a month atleast now. Its sad! because I haven’t been that attracted to the men in my life and I’m craving someone new to experience. There is a man I dated when I was 21 and he was 30, or 31, or something I can’t totally remember. Anyway he has been bugging me lately about considering marriage and his children, haha, but I am just considering an all inclusive vacation with him.
He is partly just horny- I know he’s horny cuz he’ll start the conversation with “soo we could make cute babies” and then it will turn to “I’m thinking about you on your knees in front of me” so you know he’s one of those ones I can’t clearly define his intentions! Lol. But I haven’t seen him for a few years, and he lives in Ottawa currently. He is an army man so he is always moving.
He has mentioned going on vacation before so I’ve asked him if he wants to do it soon. Its making me excited- I’m not gonna lie I like the fact that we will meet for vacation, and when its done and over I won’t have any obligations I’m capable of attempting to fufill for him. It won’t be like, when we get back, are we gonna make it work? Because he will go back to Ottawa, and I will stay in Edmonton.
What can be more satisfying than that?? I’m also imagining all the crazy sex we will have- because he is much older than me I feel like the opportunities will be there for us- we won’t be looked at like we are both young and niaeve, haha, just me!! lol but if the feelings are right I would let a women or even a man take hold of me and use me in whichever way that makes them feel good- because it will likely make me feel good to. Mmm I just want to satisfy my body, and I have a strong urge to do it with multiple people in a safe, friendly relaxed environment where everyone is enjoying what is going on.
I don’t think, until I have children, I will ever go to a resort that is not adult only. Not only is it a very non judging zone, but you can be topless alllll day long and nobody cares! Even if you aren’t miss gorgeous stick figure life is still good. Plus I have an immense attraction to older men and even older women… I don’t know if it is a side effect of watching to much in the “old and young” category on **** sites but it gets me excited!
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Great history, thanks for sharing.

The caribbean offer different choices for enjoy a adults only resort.

Temptation Resorts in cancun mexico is a great resort for live a adult experience (adults & couples).


Excuse me, but is this a review of a Resort or a personal diary entry. TMPI. Review the Resort as opposed to leaving a personal profile.

Many of the resorts that allow only couples allow unescorted women. Check out Sea Mountain Resort in Desert Hot Springs, near Palm Springs in California.

Based upon what you have would love this place. And we would hope to meet you and fulfill some of those desires.

My suggestion is next time you're planning a trip before going strike up a friendship with another lady and both of you meet your man friend in Mexico. With 3 of you down there sharing a room and being seen it definitely will get others to notice you. From there they'll know that you may be open to a little sharing. It could end up being a ******* hot vacation in more ways than one...heehee!!

My friend Karrlee from Edmonton just got back from Temptation in Mexico..... not sure which one.... she recomends that I go, she went by herself and had a blast, but I don't think it would be quite the same for a guy to go on his own. Sounds like you had fun.

Ya, I feel the same way about pressure. If I have to convince a woman that there's something there when it's just sex, I feel bad. We should both be on the same page. I live in Red Deer, btw.

You are a woman in a class all by yourself. Awesome!

"I hate the attention of drunken men when I’m drunk, I prefer to see even just a glimmer of sincerity in their feelings for me, something I don’t think is possible when a man is drunk and horny most of the time."<br />
<br />
So you expect a guy to be sober while you are drunk? I don't think that's fair somehow, why don't you try being sober and maybe you will meet a sincere guy and get to experience real feelings all of the time from them. I hate sex when alcohol is involved, it's just pointless, I could be having sex with a lamppost for all it matters mentally and emotionally which is why I don't have if I've been drinking, which I rarely do anyway.

Awesome story... and congrats on enjoying it. I've done similar things and it's soooo refreshing to just get up and go without an inhibitions.

Well first off, being an older man I would love it if you had an attraction to me. I do enjoy you being so open and striaght forward. It is quite refreshing. If you ever wanted an all inclusive, adult only vacation in New Hampshire I would be more than happy to accommodate.

Wow what a hot little thing you are ------- where is my time machine so I can get back to a bit nearer your age. .........<br />
By the way if you like going topless you should perhaps concider a vacation at one of the European beach locations -- all you can see is miles of **** of all ages and sizes :)<br />
<br />
Have fun<br />

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