Wine, Dine, 69.......

After sharing in some of the most body tingling ******* over the Net. I am in the City of the woman, who has occupied most of my sincerely naughtiest fantasies. I sit in the Hotel lobby bar where I am about to meet her, hoping that all the sexy things we shared in cyber space become reality. I am hardened by the thoughts, and so surprised by how rigid my manhood is. I want her bad, and then i see her from a far as she enters the bar. Her petite body, and long red hair has me so straying to having her disrobed in the boudour. Before I even get to greet her, I have lavished her every perfect part in my mind. Then she spots me and says hi....and we embrace in a hug. She pulls me in tight, and I know she can feel how hard I am. Kissing each others cheek, even though wanting a release from your boiling lust by a intimate kiss. We sit down and sip our drinks with our eyes melting into each other. but our imaginations straying else where. I ask her about her day, but my mind has her sitting on my face and my tongue tasting her. She asks me about my career, but can feel my long thick manhood plundering her as she bends over invitingly in front of me

Then the small talk finishes and we agree to adjourn upstairs for 'dessert'

We are in the lift together and finally kiss, and i whisper in her ear how eager I am to take her clothes off slowly and plunder her sweetest treats

As we get in the room we anticipated talking time, but lust takes over and we are ripping each others clothes off till we are naked before each other and so turned on. She throws me onto the bed and looks at my long, thick shaft......mmmmmmm is her response as she gently plays with it. Then I lift her onto my face, so I can take in the perfect sight of her ***** as my hands stretch up to play with her full breasts and swollen nipples. My tongue slides in between her ***** lips and she lets out an exultant groan. Then I feel her bend and her tongue flick across the swollen head of my **** making me tingle all over and get more intent on pleasuring her. Seeking out her clitoris, I flick my tongue teasingly over it and wrap my lips around it tight and gently suck on it. At the same time sliding a finger deep inside her slippery love tunnel fingering softly at first. She obviously likes this and has her lips wrapped around my shaft tight and rolling up and down on it. Sucking it teasingly, and then hard and fast. It drives me wild, and I get her to temporaily lose control by whipping my tongue quickly over her clitoris, and at the same time sliding a second finger deep in her *****. Fingering her deep and fast as I suck on her **** with real vigour. She replicates this by how she sucks my ****. Even going so far to drive me wild by hearing her gag by deep throating my long thick shaft.

We are in heaven and want to fully taste each others ***, but can not resist any more.

So I lift her off my face and have her on all fours in front of me. Pressing the head of my **** near her ***** lips and deep inside. Inch by Inch she squeals with delight. So enjoying the length and thickness. We are so beyond control and I give it to her hard and fast letting the room be lit up by her screams of delight as I plunder her sweet tight little *****.Feeling her tighten around me over and over again as she ****. Then pretending to pull out of her, just leaving my head inside her. Only to thrust my 8.5 thick inches deep inside her making her scream. The pre *** coats my **** and I feel myself throb violently inside her. Then like a fountain I cascade my hot seed deep inside her.

We fall together on the bed kissing and being tender with each other till we are ready to go again.........
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It's cool. Like all the others more. You have some grammar mistakes and your sentence structure, in some places, makes it difficult to follow the story properly.

Pulling out till just your head is inside, then pushing in hard.....very very very yummy.

thank you sweetie, i was a bit lazy with my proof reading