A True Encounter, I Am A Cd, Please Be Aware

Ok, so one night, I was really in the mood to hook up with a guy and I got desperate. So, I went on Craigslist and posted an ad. I got a ton of reply's lol, lots of horny men out there ;). I ended up inviting a guy over, from out of town, a little older, say.... 40ish. I decided to wear my red bra with black lace, and my red garter belt with black lace, and black thigh highs. I had shaved before he got there so I had a nice landing ***** going on :). Anyway...he was really cute :). He came in and we made small talk for a minute, had a glass of wine, then he put his hands on my hips, exploring my body with his hands, rubbing my swollen cl*t. We started making out on the couch. I climbed up on him (he was still clothed) and straddled him while we made out, kissing deeply and passionately. He continued to pull me into him close, rubbing his hands all over me. which then turned into *** grabbing, which was awesome. I loved it. He grabbed and rubbed me against his hard c*ck in his pants. I got up, took his clothes off and he sat back down. I then realized a fantasy of mine and gave him a very hot and sensual lap dance. I was feeling for sexy and feminine, and I knew he wanted me bad. I took him in my mouth, looking up at him in his eyes while I swallowed all of his swollen member. His moans of please were such a turn on, knowing I was pleasing him. After a couple minutes I had all I could take and I slipped a condom on him and climb on top, guiding him into my eager hole. The look on his face as he entered me was so amazing, knowing that I was giving him this much pleasure. He held me by the hips and guided me up and down, in between I would lean down and we would kiss while he would work himself in and out of me. He was 6.5" but so thick, and it felt amazing. We continued this position for a while, then he picked me up, pressed me against the wall, held me up off the ground and started to **** me again. My arms were wrapped around him, helping hold myself up as he bounced me up and down on his c**k. It was so hot and passionate, I almost came from it. He got a little tired as you would suspect and laid me down on the couch and spread my legs for full access and entered me again. This time he was thrusting hard and fast. He was about to *** and I knew it was coming soon. I started to rub my 6" cl*t and then we both came together. I came all over my belly, and he came in the condom, but while buried deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me and we just laid there for a few minutes. Such a great feeling!.... Best sex I've ever had, and I can't wait to do it again.
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You make it so hot! Love the story.

Good girl !!! So lucky.. Glad you had such a great time !!!

Super hot story, loved it

You're really hot, I live so far away from you,what a pity! I'm glad you shared your passionate story.

Great story Katy loved it craigs list can be very helpfull I have used it with many good exp. Love Diane xxxxx

Thanks :) I haven't had much long with it since lol.

Wow! Gurls like you really know how to treat a male.
CD gurls with their high sex drives really make gen girls a distant second-best, lol.


Very lucky girl...

good for you Katy sounds like a great **** /has he ever come back for more?

Hot story. I may have to add another story int the "I master aged at work" experience.

can't wait to read it :)

"WOW" reading your wonderfull and sexually erotic story sweetheart made me start rubbing myself until I filled my panties with sticky ***. I loved it!!

I'm not in Ohio right now but a beautiful gurl like you make's me want to *** there and see if we could make another favorite time for you.......

Great story. You're my kind of girl!

You are a lucky girl and you made him a lucky guy. Has he come back to see you for more ??

Such a hot story and experience...

Good going Katy....anonymous sex can be SO hot... did you remove the condom and clean his **** with your mouth, and coax him into round 2??

Not that time no :( We did meet a few more times, but he moved away now.... :(

This is so hot would love to do that with you!

:) It was sooooo much fun. Are you close?

Wow. I bet you two slept well. Did he come back for seconds?

He came back a few more times yes :)

Sloppy seconds?

That sounds amazing!

It was! :)

omg that made me so ****** hard, i wanna **** you like that

God babe, what a hot and erotic story!

great story. I am amazed that neither of you had an eight or ten inch ****, like most other stories. LOL<br />
<br />
I dig all you trans girls. So glad you had a great time.<br />
<br />

lol, I live in the real world. haha.

Katy I was salivating at your story. Would love to be handled like that. Have him pick me up and use me like a live blow up doll. I'd be so so compliant as long as he probed my insides for as long as he wanted. I'd instantly lay down any where he wanted and spread my legs wide open if he would just drive his **** deep into me and **** the crap out of me. I would rather take his *** inside of me instead of catching it in a bag and throwing it away. Not to say being careful isn't important, but as time goes by and you get to know him, if that is possible, the bag might not be needed. Still sounds like a great experience and I am looking forward to doing the same with a friend of mine. I hope it works out for me as well as it did for you. You had me hard and ready with your story. Thanks!

Great time you had I am sure

Mmmmm... so hot. I want a strong man to hold me off the ground while he bounces me on his c**k as well.

Wow great item you wrote, hope it happens again and again for you

WOW just reading your story made my **** spurt *** all over my tummy. I must go and clean up. : )

soo hot Luv! i could rub my clitty just thinking about it!!!

Thank you for sharing that - a really sexy story xx

awesome story..did he kiss you at all?

Thanks hun :) Glad you liked it ! :)

I really enjoyed it myself. I am sorry you haven't had that experience yet. Its not my only one... but my best one by far. :)

This is the kind of sex I have been longing for all my life, my **** is so hard just thinking of it. I want to suck your **** so bad, and make you ***. Give it to me baby.

Wow! Hotter than hot.

Thank you :) It was hehe :)