I Love To Love Sex With You, Her, Or Both

I do love sex and the process getting there. The hunt, the feeling of being hunted, or the frustrating buildup of meeting unfulfilled to then have superb gratification. I am more conservative now than my past, but have fond memories of one night stands, girls, guys, and **********, that I have to use when I am sexing myself. I love it when a man makes me feel like he wants to be with me but takes his time, when he shows some lack of control and obvious signs of arousal and knowing that it was me who got him to that point. To watch his expressions, hear his moans of pleasure, feel him hard...to have him work me up and then as the moment he enters and I gasp and we move together, however, until sated and then start the play all over again. I love to get him off with whatever I have to my disposal, to his pleasure. I love it when he tends to mine. I love the no time limit of hours in bed or wherever we end up, with no intent to sleep. I want to be on top sliding over him, feeling the inside and the outside and not being able to do anything but go faster and feel him deeper until I feel that all inspiring, all relieving feeling and we collapse and sweat, and breath together, oh geez please can we do it again?
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5 Responses May 18, 2012

May be messy, or hot, or sexy but its all good

Mwahhhhh !<br />
You wrote exactly what I feel sometimes, what i want to do, what I need with her, him, you, or myself....<br />

Lots of one night stands, some remembered, some not, sounds like we have that in common.

Love it. Slow, make me wait make you wait together.

that was awesomeee darlings :) almost made me feel as if t was already happen :) specially this part >To watch his ex<x>pressions, hear his moans of pleasure, feel him hard..

like to be INTO you multipleme :) lol know what i mean ?