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Balls Deep

I love balls deep sex. When i can feel the balls banging against me. It drives me more wild than anything just that feeling that they're all in there right down to the balls. Uhhh it's making me wet just thinking about it. Doggy style balls frickin' deep.
Kendalxxoox Kendalxxoox 18-21, F 50 Responses Jun 29, 2012

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Love it

AGREE 100%

My favorite position as well. I love to look in the mirror and watch my lady moan and squirm. I especially like watching her big boobs jiggle every time I ram it home.

mmmmmmmm YES YES AND YES

damn your a good woman

Excellent, sweetie! :)

I am glad that you like it... it is fund to do with someone who can take it that way and enjoy it!


All the way in, driving, plunging, rocking, thrusting, impaling balls deep...mmm...nothing like it... ;-)

you are my favorite kind of woman!!

i love to do that, suks if ur alone now

My favorite position!!!

would love to do it balls deep in you

you say it well and sounds like you do it well!!!!

I love this position as well. I will get you pregnant during this position. hot...i wish i could bang u up like that..


...and if they're balls deep in you from behind and I'm underneath you licking your clitoris, does that get you wet?

Especially when the balls slap against the **** with every thrust.

Doggie is the best, my favorite. The deep penetration, seeing it going in and out, seeing the ***** which keeps me hard, mmmm

yeah i love to give it balls deep and feel my balls on my womans flesh its so fantastic i have amazing ******* like that

How bout the camel ride? now thats balls deep!!!!

I love that feeling when she wraps her hands around my butt pushing my **** even deeper down her throat slapping my balls against her chin

yummm!!!<br />
i love to feel my balls slapping against tush so much!!!

From the male side, I love feeling my balls hitting my partner--there's not any feeling quite like it!

Does that include oral sex too?

I want to be balls deep into you doggie style, so my balls keep slapping your tasty ****.

i would love to be balls deep in you baby! slamming them against you with every hard thrust!

i love to see my wife with her fb in balls deep ******.

I would love to give you that feeling!