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Cream Bun

She is kneeling nude on the table with her rear raised and her boyfriend is licking her open and bulging petals from behind. His tongue explores her slit and slides in and out. With three fingers fully inside her, he fondles her breeasts with the other hand. When he again starts to taste her, she sees an athletic young man standing near the window. He raises his hand as if saying hi. She looks back but her BF is engrossed in deep-licking her. She winks at the athlete and with her hand indicates later.

The  BF turns her around and she fears that he might see the athlete. The BF bends down and continues devouring her and slides his medium sized organ inside. He asks her to hug him with her legs, hoists her and takes her to a sofa nearby.
There he again slurps her juices, brought on by the licking and the thought of another man watching them. After she coats his tool with saliva, he slides himself inside. Holding the top of the sofa, he pummels her hard: she peeps and yes the athlete  is taking in everything. Her BF explodes inside her, drenching her. He dresses and tells her he would be back later.
 After he goes, the athlete comes inside and kneels in front of the sofa and raising her legs slurps her dripping opening. He introduces himself and says he lives next door. What a way to introduce oneself, by licking the cream left by another man, she wonders. I like cream bun, he winks and continues tasting her ***-flavoured slit. When he stands up and unzips, letting out his big tool, she gasps as it is bigger than her BF's. She smothers it with kisses and, telling him that the BF would return soon, hurriedly wets him. He sits in the sofa and asks her to sit on his erection with her body turned away from him. He stretches her with his pole and pushes her head down till her hands touch the floor. He stands up and she balances herself on her hands. He pummels her in that wheelbarrow position, her legs hanging loose around his hips. Her head is on the floor as he lunges deeper and deeper into places unvisited by her BF. What if my BF sees us now, she wonders and hopes the athlete would finish soon, though it is a never-before experience for her. As is reading her thoughts, the athlete empties his lust load inside her and stays in the position for sometime.  

After the athlete departs, waiting for the BF she looks wistfully out of the window and wonders, how many such adventurers there are in the neighborhood. 
hardballz hardballz 31-35, M 2 Responses Jul 2, 2012

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Great story....I am into situations where I may be watched so this story was truly a turn on!

Am happy that it fit your mood and fantasy, thanks shynsexy

Must be a pleasure living in such a neighborhood