Sex Is Love- I Love Sex- I Am Love

Yes, edified emotions and walls of insecurities tend to keep us from worshipping each other and ourselves through sexuality much more than it ever should- I DO LOVE SEX! Sex is the transcendence of all the white noise and double-talk of our lives into a realm of union- whether it's a tantric yogi embracing an ineffible moment of  with a complete stranger, one lonely soul reaching out to another at last call, three friends allowing their intimacy to become more than abstraction, or two monogamous partners honing their expressions of ecstasy through each other. This is not my way of promoting indiscriminant sex to everyone, and, surely, I'd be remiss if I claimed sex DIDN'T involve more complications than simplicity for most people most of the time.

Sex is how it all happens- sex is love made by the world for the world's sake all the time. We are all sex incarnate- love incarnate. When I experience the physical acts of sex, I revel in the unique beauty of sharing my being with another without boundaries- without the intention of keeping my crayon marks inside any lines but rather exposing my humble soul to the uncharted territory of another soul and the infinite possibilities we share when we go there.

If it were a world without STD's, unwanted pregnancies, and dogmatic conventions, sexuality would be a more acceptable and beloved means of attaining wisdom, joy and satisfaction for everyone- and if a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn't bump his *** every time he hopped. Reality is what it is- I still love sex. I believe in its many healing, comforting and empowering qualities- especially those of sexual self-exploration. ******* keep me from getting too worked up about daily life- ************ teaches me how to evoke my own source of bliss and hone my skills at opening that realm with whomever I next share it.
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4 Responses Apr 22, 2007

I enjoyed reading this. It was tastefully written, seemed heartfelt and I agreed with it. Thanks for sharing.

no offense but i think what you wrote was just a bunch of pretty words that lacked real substance. yes, sex is great and allows you to experience an innumerable amount of emotions, but you never touch on the fact that sex can be destructive. Love of sex can lead to promiscuity and obsession. You do know they have groups for sexual compulsives and sex addicts. no joke. what about prostitutes. Some of them like sex a lot. A lot of their reasoning is sex=money.

Skinner Box aside, the logic works out when you consider love as positive reinforcement instead of an elusive state that we've constructed to require commitment, attachment, specific gestures & numerous contingencies establishing reciprocity: that which makes us feel good about ourselves acts as *positive reinforcement* for behavior, people, places & things associated with it, and, thus, we seek it again. Syllogistic logic implies that, according to Skinner, the same statement can be made of *love*, and I agree- we complicate both sex and love with projections, anachronistic conventions, and emotional insecurities, whilst failing to acknowledge (let alone appreciate or utilize) the healing and behavior modification both can help to catalyze in our lives!

very cool. thanks for sharing