Describe Your Best ******

I am not looking for details leading up to it, Just the ****** it self.....

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I support teen sex and i love my ****** longer, i fancy my men eating me slowly and sexily...where i moan and scream his name which ought to turn him on, i love his tongue lower and deeper

Don't know how "helpful" this will be, but... If I had to name my best ******, I would have to say it was the first time I ever let a stranger see me ***. I was driving around town one summer night (teenager thing) when I spotted a woman (thirty-something) walking near an intersection. I had the red light. She smiled at me as she walked by, and I got this tremendous hardon. There was no one else around, so I pulled my shirt off and shorts down and proceeded to drive around the block. When I came back around she was nearing the next intersection. Once again I had the red light. I was two or three car lengths from the intersection when I passed her. She saw what I was doing, and her jaw dropped. That's when the ****** started. I stopped rubbing, but it was too late. She was coming.. I was *******.. When she reached the window I was in full-on gusher mode. She stopped and watched me finish. Then she just sort of turned and kept on walking as If nothing happened. I, on the other hand, was too paralyzed to move.I just sat there holding my **** and panting for probably two more light changes. Good thing it wasn't a weekend!

Ok. I was getting a ******* from my neighbor. I was naked and laid out in the middle of the day. Being so exposed and vulnerable I believe were contributing factors. I felt the beginnings of the building ******. I fought it and controlled my breathing. It continued to build and she said I was so hard. I began to tremble and shake as I neared ***********. I suddenly began to gasp and moan as she stroked my penis.<br />
I faced her at the mercy of her stroke. I grunted as I released my first spurt of *****. She commented with glee as I covered her hand with my hot *****. I bucked and moaned with every release and stroke of her hand. It was incredible!!

In the back of my station wagon parked on a public street in the 69 possition i sucked her **** till she came atleast 5 times she sucked me till i came and sucked my **** till i was hard again

Best "O" ever? Wow, that's a hard one. LMAO! Seriously though, I just read a story that caused me to word search "best ******", found this posting. The story I read ( <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> ) got me SO DAMN HOT! And I started trying to think of what MINE was...Do I even have a "Best ever"? Damn, I've had SO MANY! I don't have them all the them all the time, but when I do my ejaculatory O's are my favorite. I remember having several really wonderful O's the night I took on 3 guys at the same time. . . hard question (for me at least!)

yes, yes, yes *spurt*<br />
<br />
Ok, that's about it! lol

The best I can describe it is like a good thunderstorm, first the clouds form on the horizon, the wind picks up and the air becomes energized. Soon the clouds fill the sky and the world itself is filled with energy, sparks seem to ignight all over your body. The wind increases as distant thunder and flashes of lighting begin to streak across the sky getting closer, growing stronger and then, the air itself seems to come alive, the sky opens and the clouds rip apart as one massive surge of power explodes right through you. Blinded by the flash, deaf from the thunderous roar and tingling from head to foot... And then, it passes over and slowly vanishes, leaving in it's wake a sense of peace, comfort and awe...

oh yes... or when you start to *** and it don't want to end it last longer, omg does it feel good

An insistent buzzing sensation behind the testes, an even more insistent tickling sensation on the underside of the tip of the penis. The buzz feeling creeping slowly along the shaft of the penis, the sheer excitement of knowing that when the "buzz" climbs up and merges with the "tickle" that all hell is going to break loose, the anticipation ....... then out of control !!!! Body going completely rigid just before.... frantic ******* of the hips, powerful uncontrollable spurting of ones *****, roaring noise in the ears.... yelling ! Groaning ! Tension - fantastic release of tension,,, pure unadulterated pleasure........ aaah. Words cannot do it justice, it is beautiful, particularly with a women who has either already had hers or if you come at the same time. Sorry to go on, but if one has assisted the woman to get off, one can then just give in to the total enjoyment of ones own ******. Sheeeez ! I just love it !!!!!!!

It's a building feeling....getting closer and closer...a tightening feeling, tightening more and more...all you can think about is the want to get closer and want it so very badly...<BR>and then it comes....again and again in waves....first very strong...<BR>then subsiding with each's a wonderous thing!! :-)

My body starts to shake and I can't stand the anticipation, the waiting. Finally I explode and I moan his name, letting him continue to lick or touch me. Then I mount him and ride until he ****, which re-ignites my ******* all over again and I "O" again at the same time he does. We both lay there, completely spent, while the tremors continue to happen. I love the tremors afterwards.

ohhhhhh!squiiiirt squiiirt squiiiiiiiiiiiirtsquirt squitsquit sqirt drip drip ahhhhh!

Everyone knows how hard and hot a **** gets before ******. That feeling of hard, tight, wanting to burst through to the O. Holding it, it's throbbing, growing with anticipation. It changes color it wants to be freed so badly, then suddenly the wave after wave of release. The eyes blur, the breathing shallow and quick. Finally, finally, release. It was soo good my **** continues to be hard, but not as hard as before the release.


Feel it building. First wave hits. Small wave. Second wave... bigger. BIG WAVE. Breath escapes in a groan. Room spins. Light dims. Blackout for a second. Wake up panting. Can't move. Can't speak. Drenched in sweat. Slowly coming down. Finally regain speech, then movement. EXHAUSTED.

heavy breathing, body tightened spine tingling, toe curling, body goes numb, and starts to shake, extreme pleasure through out the body, leaving me with a relaxed body and a smile on my face.