Why I Love Sex

It's the intimacy and closeness of sex that I really enjoy...the fusion of two entities into one sentience, however briefly.  

I have had sex with people who I loved (and with people who I thought I loved), as well as one night-stands.  The physical stimulation and sensations differ with the person, but with an emotional attachment sex becomes more spiritual, more fulfilling for sure. 

Over time, as you get to know someone's body, it becomes easier to give and receive pleasure.

Ecstasy, too, is possible, but it requires the closeness and intimacy that comes only with trust, with desire, with lust.  Then, sex will overwhelm the senses: nostrils inhale the scent of passion, taste buds ennervate to the flavor of one's lover; the ears are filled with the primal sounds of pleasure and the moans of need, and the nerve endings on one's skin are fully stimulated as they mesh with those of one's lover.   And with the eyes, one can look right into the soul of another and experience, even for just a second, a divine bliss that is the birthright of every breathing individual.
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I think I love you.

i love sex!! i'm an addict!!

Even many men think that's all they want out of sex. Then, when the initial lust for their girlfriends, or wives, wears out and they have nothing left to look for, they move on.<br />
<br />
If they and their partners knew how much more there was in the physical relationship, they'd have many more years of growing intimacy ahead of them.<br />
<br />
Sad, isn't it?

Ok, WOW! I agree with 'emerald'! Are there any other men like you out there? LOL.

Oh how true your statements are!

The thrill of feeling another's body pressing against yours. I love the feeling of a woman's skin. Feet to feet, cheek to thigh! Wooo, I'm getting myself into a frenzy.

Very poetic and intimate! And here I thought guys just likes sex to get their rocks off!!