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First Taste ;

I had just started my freshman year in high school. I was at a friend's house hanging out. Mike was a year younger than me. His sister , Jan, was a year older. Sometimes when we would go down to the river to swim she would come along. But mostly paid use no mind. Anyway , That night when mike and I came in his parents were on the couch. Dad at the end , mom laying with her head on his lap, watching TV. Mike lay on the floor in front of the couch and I jumped into the lazyboy off to the side. All the lights were out except the TV. After a little while Jan came into the room wearing a thick robe down to her knees. Looked like she just got out of the shower. Her mom ask if she would like her to make room on the couch and she said no. She'll just sit over here with phil. The lazyboy's plenty big. I was shocked but welcomed the idea. As she walked over I was trying to make room and she said just sit still. She sat sideways on my lap with her back against the arm and her legs over the other towards the couch. I could not believe it. I had both my arms by my sides with my hands on the seat. Did not know what to do with them. After a little we both relaxed and she leaned against my chest and I put my left arm around her back. She smelled really fresh and sweet. When she had curled up against me the back of her robe slid up under her and the back of her thigh was on my left hand. Everyone sat watching the movie. After working my courage up I started rubbing her back. She just watched the TV. Little more courage on my part and I started rubbing the back of my hand on the back of her thigh. Since I didn't get smacked I was getting more brave. Turned my hand around rubbing with my fingers and palm on her inner thigh between her legs. I could not believe she didn't stop me. I swear I could hear my heartbeat.I slowly worked my hand up her thigh. When I was within inches of her panties she parted her thighs a little. I thought my heart would stop. When I reached her panty covered mound I could feel the heat . Everyone was just watching the movie like nothing was going on. I had fireworks shooting thru my veins and had not a clue what was on TV. I worked my fingers under the elastic and felt the soft hair. It was soft as kitten fur.She was pretty wet. I tried to whisper to her how fantastic she was but she bumped the side of her head against mine with a SHHHHH! Never taking her eyes off the TV. I started working my fingers up and down in her slit. She slid her arms around my neck. Her father and mother was just a few feet away. I could smell her scent. I hoped they could not. I have never before or since been so excited and terrorfied at the same time.The excitement kept building. She stiffened and her eyes got much too wide. My hand was soaked. I could swear I could hear both of our heart beats. My **** was so hard I bet I didn't have enough skin left to close my eyes. Her hand grabbed my **** and it exploded. I swear I saw stars. Don't know how we stayed quiet.  All I could smell was sex. We both sat there froze. Don't know how long. Then she just got up and left the room. I raised my soaked hand to my mouth. I licked my fingers. I aged years that night. I thanked everyone for having me over and hurried out the door. I floated home. Not long after that we moved. Never got a chance to be alone with her again and she acted like nothing happened when I would see her. Have not seen her for 30 years but if I close my eyes hard enough I can still smell her.
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Than was a hot storyplease add us thanks

smoking hot Phil what a great memory

omg just so sweet and erotic, i love the story..

Awesome, just awesome.

Wow, what memory that must be! kind of reminds me of an encounter I had with a friends cousin. Thanks for sharing!

Great story! Thanks....

Out standing...arent women the best thing ever!!!?? Love jgl

Fantastic story. Thank you for writing it . !

Great story. She must have liked what she saw in your trunks when she went swimming with you!

awww she must of been so dissapointed when u moved away after that =(


That was one heck of a story!!

It was like a wetdream *** true!!

Cool - Thanks for sharing!

think i would have least tryed to get seconds :) lol as hot as u said she was :)

Great writing; "excited and terrified at the same time." Very descriptive; I could feel your heart!

Great story. I could almost smell and feel her wetness.

Hot story!

Great memory !

Great story!

I had a similar experience with my friends sister when we where all camping. Her parents were cooking dinner outside the pop up camper and the door was open. We had been hiking all day and they assumed that we were sleeping. Instead we ground and groped eachother to ******.

I love this story. What a great experience. I think we have all had those hush exploratory moments in one form or another. Very cool. You definitely remember every detail, and I bet it is even more vivid in your mind. Great Story.

<> think there wasn;t to many girl that i new that i didnd;t play with there ****** & & then afterwards lick & suck my fingers :)

great story!

Thank you all !! The beginning of our sexual adventures are always so intense.. And something we would view as little or nothing today held such excitement.. Maybe we become jaded with time. I envy the young !!

Wast that ur first time ?

Wow! What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing.


Way Kool story!!!

That was hot!

What a GREAT story..... seriously liked it.

Very nicely written!! I have a few of those early memories I need to post on here!

Great tale of young forbidden lust.