I Think My Wife Doesn't Want To Enjoy Sex!

I am so frustrated with the sex life my wife and i have. She's very attractive, and has had more partners than me. I am getting the feeling she was ****** laying down all the time by guys who had no interest in pleasing her, or listening to what she might want to do. I guess she developed the notion that's how it's done because that's what her partners wanted and how they gave it. It was fine for a while, but after 10 years i can't understand how she can still be content doing the same boring thing all the time. I am so unsatisfied. She must think that's the way it should be; let the guy get in, get off, and get out, and was never aware of the fact sex can be so much more fun! She never wants to be on top, bent over, have her breasts sucked. All she wants is for me to get done, and then rub her **** till she gets off, and that's it! It's over in a short time where all i feel i've done is get a little sweaty. I'm physically, somewhat satisfied, but mentally, not at all. She has a great body. I wish she would be more willing to enjoy pleasing it because i get off by seeing women get into sex. What guy doesn't! I've told her i find her sooo attractive. I've told her i want to do more. She just doesn't care. It's ******* boring!

I can last a long time, and i want someone who wants to do different things, and play around for hours. I just wish she would use me to have an ******. She is too self conscious to just use my tool and let go of her inhibitions to achieve an ******. She just won't do anything but lay there. WHHYYYYYYY!!!!

Just ONCE i want her on top, sitting all her weight on my pelvis, grinding away and rubbing her **** against me while i'm deep inside her; forgetting about anything else except the need to ******! However she needs to use me to have that "O" i wish she would. I want to see her doing what she would do to a pillow, or to her breasts, if i weren't there. That would arouse me sooo much seeing her so sexual, and really increase the excitement of our sex life. At least for me. I think she is happy with our sex life, but she just seems so unwilling to want to see how much better it could be for both of us. She's so reserved, and the sex so dull, i'm losing interest in her outside of sex because there is no fun, physical bond between us. I'm just all around bored! Just once i want ridden by her where she just humps me like there's no tomorrow! That would satisfy my needs and wants too, and i've told her, but she won't ever do anything but lay there.

I feel like i'm wasting my good sexual years. It's like i'm missing out on very incredible experiences with women; the smiling, the laughing, the hours of caressing, kissing, fondling, and finding positions through experimenting, and just enjoying being naked. I want someone who wants to enjoy my body parts as much as i enjoy hers. I'm wasting away!

Why does she want to be BORING!!!!
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Counseling? Share watching ****, asking her if she might like to try "that" (start mild)?