My First Time With Julie

This was after my first wife had passed away and she was one of the first few ladies that I dated. It was about 11 months after my wife passed and I was lonely and looking for someone to spend time with. I was not in a rush to get married. She had been divorced and that was one of her issues and she also had a bit of weight. But nothing that was excessive or anything, maybe 15 pounds or so extra. She was an attractive lady and was easy to talk to.

We lived quite a ways from each other and would both drive about 45 minutes to a small town in the middle and meet each other on date night. At first we would have dinner and then walk around the area talking and holding hands (plenty of ***** centers and parks in the area.) We would stop from time to time and kiss in a covered walk way or the doorway of a closed shop. Since it was cold weather once we were more comfortable with each other we would sit in my truck and talk and make out. I had a Suburban with tinted windows and we would park the truck in a secluded area and move into the back seat.

So one time we were kissing her and I got my hands into her pants and started to finger her. She was really getting off and I paused my kissing her and held her face with my free hand and told her I thought she was beautiful. I started to kiss her again and really got into the fingering her. I then noticed that she was crying. I started to panic. I thought we were going to fast and she was regretting it. I pulled my hand away and asked her if she was OK... If she wanted us to stop and slow down. She said "No... it's just that no one has ever told me I was beautiful." I was surprised by this since she really was attractive. I assured her that she was and she started kissing me again. I slid my hands back into her pants and started to rub her **** with earnest. I would then dip into her and put one or two fingers into her ***** and get them really wet. I would then pull my hand out of her pants and stick one of the fingers in my mouth while she watched. I would lick it clean and then put the other finger in her mouth. She really got off on tasting her own juices. I put my hand back in her pants and worked on her **** more. She ended up having a gigantic ****** that lasted a long time. She started moaning and then screaming while humping my hand. She said it was the best she had ever felt, and I can only assume it was because she was feeling so good and was happy.

About a week later we were in the truck again doing the same thing with me just fingering her. At this time we had not had "sex" yet and it was just me fingering her. She was about to *** when she stopped me and said that she wanted me in her. She said that she could not stand it any more and had to have me right there. I told her no... I said that sex had to be more, and that she was worth more than sex in the back of a truck. She started to cry again so I stopped and asked her what was wrong. She said that she had never been with a man that cared about her like that. I went back into her pants and got her off for the first time that night. She then pushed me over and undid my pants and pulled out my ****. She leaned over and started to lick the tip of my **** and then the soft underside. She just licked on me for a while and then took me into her mouth. She did a great job at blowing me and I asked her if she was going to swallow. She stopped and said that she had never swallowed before. I told her that I had some napkins and was going to get them when she said "no... I want to swallow for you tonight." It had been a LONG time since anyone had swallowed my *** and that really excited me. She went back down on me and started her head bobbing. She then opened up her throat and took me all the way to the base. I had never been taken all the way before and it was sooooo great. She did that a few more times when I told her I was about to ***. She put me towards that back of her throat and started to use her tongue on the underside. I felt my *** starting to really build and told her "here it comes!" and let lose with shot after shot of ***. My first shot hit her in back of the throat and she was not ready for it. She gagged just a bit but never pulled her mouth off my ****. She pulled her mouth back where only about half my **** was in her and kept taking my load. I probably shot about 6 times into her mouth and she kept swallowing. When I was done she just stayed on my **** and kept working on me till I made her stop. I just got so sensitive that I could not handle it any more. When she pulled my **** out of her mouth she saw that some of my *** had seeped past her lips and was around my balls and base of my ****. She leaned over and licked me clean. On the drive home she told me that I was only the second guy she had given a blow job to. Her husband was the first and he only used it as his foreplay. He would make her blow him to get him hard and then he would have sex with her. He wanted her to swallow a few times but she said she could never get herself to do it. It just seemed so gross. I thanked her for swallowing tonight and told her that it was great. She said she loved it and wanted to do it every time she blew me. I asked her what made her change her mind about it being gross. She said that I just made her feel so special that she wanted to do anything to make me feel good.

By this time I knew where she lived and was driving her home. It was a good 45 minute drive and we talked the entire way back. Turns out that Julie had only had sex with three guys in her life including me. The first time was in college and after dating for two months her BF took her cherry and then dumped her the next week. Turns out all he wanted was her cherry and did not really care about her. The next guy was her husband who was a selfish ***. Julie knew nothing about sex and did not know what it should have been like. Her husband was a "wham bam, get me a beer *****" kind of guy. He had gone down on her a few times during the marriage but most of the time it was her blow him for a while and then he would just plow into her. She had two kids and stayed married for the kids. One day her daughter asked her why she stayed with her dad and Julie told her it was for her and her brother. Her kids were older and told her that it was not working and she needed to consider it. With that she divorced her husband with him being an *** then entire time.

I told Julie that there was so much more to sex and relationships than what she had experienced. She deserved so much more. She started to cry again just as we were pulling up to her house. She told me to park in the street and when I did she got into the back seat. She said wanted a good night kiss and did not want the kids to be watching. I climbed back there and we started to have a very passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined and danced with each other for a couple minutes. We broke to catch our breath and I started to lick her lips and then kiss her more. She reached between my legs and started to run my **** and without missing a kiss started to undo my pants. I told her it was not necessary but she said she wanted it. She leaned over and took me into her mouth again and started to give me another blow job. About half way through it she stopped and said she wanted me to *** in her mouth again. I was more than happy to provide it to her. She went back to bobbing her mouth up and down on my **** and using her tongue non-stop. When I told her that I was about to *** she moved up higher on my **** and kept using her tongue. This time she was ready and did not gag any. She took all my shots into her mouth and kept swallowing. When I was done she pulled away from my **** and I could see a small string of *** from the tip of my **** to her mouth. It was so sexy! She leaned over and kissed me and I could taste the remains of my *** in her mouth and loved it. I told her it was so sexy to taste my *** in her mouth and she kissed me even harder. After the kiss she got ready to go into her house but stopped. She said that next time we go out that she wanted me in her. She said that I could call it having sex, making love, or just ******* but she wanted me in her.

We both had kids at home and could not just go to either house for sex. So a few nights later we got a motel room and was planning on having some together time. It was great. We got the room and went up to check out the room and make sure everything was OK with the room. I was going to wait till after dinner and a movie but once we got up there we kissed a couple times and could not stop. I had told her in the past that I loved pantyhose and even though it was cold outside she wore a skirt and hose. We were still standing and I started kissing her and reached back to grab and caress her *** just a bit. After a bit of that I slid my hands down and went under her skirt and started rubbing her *** even more and then while turning a bit slid my hand to the front and between her legs. She let out a small sigh and her head melted into my shoulder.

I slid my hands over her hose clad ***** and could feel it start to soften where she was getting really wet. I stopped and kissed her and removed her top and she removed my shirt. I removed her bra and started to feel and touch her breast. They were larger than I expected but were still soft and did not sag. I reached over and undid the side of her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She started to undo my pants but I stopped her and told her not yet. I laid her back on the bed and got on top of her with one of my legs between her legs. I would suck on her nipples and bring my leg up between her legs to put pressure on her *****. I would then move up and kiss her lips. I would also lick on her lips and neck and started to work my way down. I got to her breast and would lick her nipples and then suck each nipple and part of her breast into my mouth. Her breath was getting deeper and deeper and she was squirming on the bed. I took that as the hint to start the next part and started licking my way down her body. I stopped at her belly button and licked it a bit and then kept moving down. When I got to the top of her pantyhose she reached down and was going to take them off. Again I stopped her and put her hands back to the said. I told her I would get to it.

I kissed my way down between her legs and pressed my face and mouth into her ***** and just applied pressure while moving my mouth like eating her through the hose. I then moved down and kissed the inside of her legs and moved down to kissing her knees and eventually her feet. I put her hose covered toes into my mouth and would nibble on them pulling my teeth across them as pulling them out. Her body would shiver every time my teeth touched her. I moved over to her other foot and then doing the same thing worked my way back up between her legs. Again I used my mouth on her through her pantyhose (did I tell you I like pantyhose :-) and she was squirming and telling me that was enough she wanted more.

I reached up and started to roll her hose down until it was to her legs. I pulled them off her but left her panties on. I got closer to the bed and told her she could undress me now. She moved to the edge of the bed and undid my pants and slid them off my ***. I kicked them to the side and asked her to remove my briefs with her teeth. She grabbed the edge of my shorts with her teeth and pulled them around the tip of my ****. She moved and then grabbed them again and started to pull them all the way off me. When my **** sprung clear it hit her in the side of the face. She inhaled deeply and paused for a second with my **** on her cheek. She then used her teeth to remove the rest of my clothes.

I had her move back to the middle of the bed and I got on my knees up close to her face. I pulled her head over to my **** and asked her to suck my ****. She leaned over and took the tip of my **** into her mouth. It was so warm and wet and felt perfect. I then slid my hand down her belly and into the top of her panties. She inhaled deeply with almost a gasp and sucked my **** in even further. I slid my hand past the hair and down until I felt the start of her ***** where I just moved one finger from the top to the bottom of her ***** and back without going into the lips. She spread her legs open and just moaned on my ****. I did it again and she started to try and hump my hand. I finally slipped my finger between her lips and felt the wetness and the heat coming from her *****. I moved my finger around her ***** entrance but never put my fingers in. She was the wettest she had ever been with me. I moved my fingers forward and found her ****. It was fully engorged and standing up waiting for some attention. I ran my finger over it a few seconds and Julie started moaning and shaking. About 5 more seconds of that and Julie had an ****** that had her moaning around my ****.

That really got me going and I told Julie that I was about to *** in her mouth. She stopped and said "NO!! I want you in me *******..." I told her not to worry about it that I was not even close to being done with her. I started to rub her **** again and she gasped and put my **** back in her mouth. A few more seconds of that and Julie was shaking again. I had reached the top and said "Here I ***!" and unloaded shot after shot of *** into her mouth. Me ******* in her mouth and me fingering her was to much for Julie and she also came right then. She fell back onto the bed with a cry of pleasure as my last shot of *** was going into her mouth. With this I slid two fingers into her ***** and leaned over to kiss her. My last shot of *** had not been swallowed yet and I could taste my *** in her mouth. I stopped kissing her and pulled my fingers from her ***** and out of her panties. I licked them and got as much of her juices into my mouth and then kissed her. We let our flavors mingle and I told her I thought it was so sexy to be able to taste my *** in her mouth.

I kept kissing her and moved to lie on top of her. She still had her panties on and I started to poke my **** towards her *****. She loved the pressure and wanted more. She reached down to pull them aside and I pulled my **** back and away from her. She said "RR please..." but I would not put it in. I kissed her and put my tongue deep into her mouth and kissed her hard. I then nibbled on her neck and moved down to her nipples. I moved down her belly to put my face between her legs and started to lick her and bite her through her panties, just like I had done when she had her hose on. I moved down just a touch and kissed her on the side of her leg letting her think that I was going to kiss her all the way down again. She let out a little yell that I was teasing her when I reached up and pulled the leg of her panties over and sunk my tongue into her. She yelled out and snapped her legs together around my head. I lapped at her ***** getting as much juice as I could get which was alot. I spread her legs open and asked her if she wanted a taste. She said "yes, please" so I licked her a couple more times and moved up and kissed her. We shared the taste and I started to move back down between her legs. I stopped at the top of the panties and bit them and started to pull them off my with teeth. I got them all the way off then reached down and spread her legs apart.

This was the fist time I had gotten to see her *****. She had a patch of hair over her ***** that had not been trimmed. Below that was a wonderful looking *****. The outer lips were puffy from excitement and the inner lips were small and tucked in. I got on the bed and reached up and ran my fingers across her ***** getting another gasp from her. I used one finger and ran it form the top to the bottom of her ***** going between the lips to find the wetness. I went up and down a few times and then finally laid down on the bed with my face at her *****. She smelled wonderful and I could not wait to get to taste her more. I had already came so I was in it for the long haul. I reached up with both hands and spread open her ***** to let me see all of it. She was so wet that she almost dripped and the aroma was strong but sweet smelling. Her **** was sticking out from under its hood and was large. Her ***** hole was pink and wet and just ready for some hard **** in it. I leaned forward and put the tip of my tongue on her **** and gave it a little flick. Julie jumped and let out a yell of pleasure. I started to move my tongue back and forth over her **** and occasionally moveing down to the hole and sticking my tongue into her. It only took about three minutes of this and Julie grabbed the top of my head and pulled me into her crotch. Her legs shut onto the sides of my head and Julie let out a yell while having an ******. It turns out that Julie is a screamer and she did not even know it. After a while she stopped and let go of my head and fell back onto the bed. I kept on eating her out until she had a second *** and I licked up the juices. I collected as many juices in my mouth as I could carry and moved up to kiss her. She was still glowing from the ******* and kissed me back with a passion I had never felt from her.

She came so fast that I was not quite ready to go again. I moved back down between her legs and started kissing and kicking all around. I kissed the inside of her legs, the sides of her *****, and anywhere that I could make her squirm. I had her pull her legs up as high as she could and I licked her *** hole. She jumped and asked "What was that????" I told her I licked her *** hole and she said it was amazing and had never had anyone touch her *** hole. I made her turn over and I moved up and started kissing the back of her next while pressing my **** into her *** crack. I kept rubbing it up and down while kissing her and then finally starting to kiss down her back. I got down to her *** and spread her open and started to lick her ***. I would lick her around the hole and then started to stick my tongue into her ***. This really got her worked up as well. Then I stuck my finger into her ***** and fingered her a bit while licking her ***. Once my finger was good and wet I moved up and started to stick it into her ***. She about came off the bed with that. It was not a yell of pain she let out but a yell of surprise and pleasure. I asked her if she has never had anal sex and she said never. I put my finger back into her and eventually got it all the way in. I tried to do two fingers but she was not ready for that.

So, I rolled her bask over and went down on her again. I licked her **** and ***** through two more *******. After the last one I again got as much of her juices in my mouth and went to kiss her. She enjoyed the kiss... Then she let out another gasp when she felt my hard **** at the entrance of her *****. She started saying "yes... yes... oh yes... put it in me." I slid my **** into her and was amazed at how tight it was. I later found out that her husband was not very big and she had never even used a toy on herself. She was so wet though that the tightness did not cause a problem for us. I was sliding in and out of her and we were both enjoying it. I started to really bang into her after a few minutes. She was really letting go and I was starting to worry that someone in the motel might complain. Since I had already came I knew I was going to last a bit longer. I started to get a bit worn so I got off her and rolled her on top of me. I sat her up and let her drive for a while. She really got into this and started riding my **** like a woman on a rodeo bull. She would speed up and slow down... Moaning and groaning and then screaming from time to time. I have no idea how many times she came that night.

When she started to slow down I rolled her back over and was back on top again. I was starting to get close and really started to bang away at her. I asked her where she wanted me to *** and she said "*** in me... oh God... *** in me." After about 30 more seconds and her yelling like that I felt my *** building. I started to really pound her and when I started to *** I let out a yell that would have woken the dead. I shot load after load of *** into her *****. I filed her up and then just collapsed on top of her and stayed in her. When I got soft enough I fell out of her and could feel my *** running. I moved back and took a look and could see my *** dripping from her *****. I leaned in and licked her **** for a nice yell of pleasure and then moved down and ran my tongue across her ***** and my ***. I kept my tongue out with my *** on it and lifted my head and showed Julie. I then closed my mouth and swallowed her juices and my *** together. She giggled at me and reached down and stuck two fingers around her ***** and scooped up some of the *** as well. She showed it to me and I thought she was going to feed it to me. Instead she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked the *** off herself.

I moved up next to her and kissed her. We kissed for a few minutes just to catch our breath. We then laid there for about 10 minutes in the glow and then started to get dressed. We were hungry since we had not had dinner yet. We left and went to dinner and had a great dinner. We talked during dinner and she said that she had never had an ****** due to oral sex. He husband would do it for her from time to time but she just about had to beg for it and it was never more than 2 minutes. She was also gushing about how she had never been on top before. I told her she had a lot to learn... I asked her if she had any fantasies or anything she ever wanted to try and she said she really had no idea. There was one thing that she wanted to try and that was doggie style. I told her that was something I could help her with.

After dinner I was planning on seeing a movie and then taking her home. We had already spent about and hour and a half to two hours having sex that night. But when I asked her what she wanted to see she said "I want to see your **** in me again." So we skipped the movie and headed back to the motel. This time it started off with kissing and me fingering her. We got undressed feeling like a couple of teenagers and got into bed again. I went down on her for a few minutes and stuck a finger up her *** one more time. She got a jolt out of it but was still not ready for two fingers. I told her next time I was going to have to bring some lube and show her what anal sex was like. She said that sounded like a great idea. I went back down on her and got her off with my tongue again and then told her to roll over.

She looked at me and asked I was going anal right then but I told her it was ok I would do that later. She then realized what I was doing and turned over. I had her get on her hands and knees and move her head to the edge of the bed. I stood in front of her and had her give me a blow job while running my fingers through her hair and scratching her back. I would reach down from time to time and grab a *** and tweek her nipples. I then had her turn around and hang her feet over the edge of the bed. With me standing it put her at the perfect level. I ran my hands over her *** and slowly slid my fingers into her *****. She was really dripping this time. Her pubes were wet and she was squishy from front to back. I fingered her and flicked her **** til she was screaming in passion. I then moved behind her and put my **** at the entrance of her *****. I rubbed the tip up and down the ***** until she was begging me to put it in. I slowly started to put my **** in her and she really started to moan. I was going in and out slowly not putting all my **** in at a time. She kept begging for it and then finally just thrust herself back into my **** fully impaling herself on my ****. We stayed there a few seconds as she gasped and moaned. I then started pumping in and out with full motion. I did that a while and then started changing it up and going fast then slow. I could feel the tip of my **** hitting her cervix and it was sending great feelings down my **** and up my back. I told her I was about to *** and she said "*** in me.... ***.. unnnnnn" and at that point she had another ******. Her ***** clamped into me and just started pulsing. I could not hold back any more and let my *** just flow. I don't think I had ever timed ******* like that in my life. It was so awesome! Julie and I both cried out and when it was over she just fell forward into the bed.

We both laid down and recovered our strength. We laid there about 30 minutes and then finally had to get up and get dressed. On the drive hope Julie again started to cry. I asked her what was up and she said that she had just never been that happy. She never knew sex could be good. She said that she felt she had wasted most of her life. She stopped crying after a bit and we talked the rest of the trip home with no more tears. I got a good night kiss from her and walked her to her front door. No blow job in the back seat this time but I was happy with the evening anyway :-)

Julie and I dated a few more months after that and had some great sex. She allowed me to fulfill a fantasy or two and I as able to show her a great many things as well. But I think that will be for another story.
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