But I Want More

Sex is definately a physical need that needs to be satiated, there's no doubt about that. And I absolutely love that feeling of physical satisfaction. But I want more then that.

I want the tenderness that comes with affection just as much. To be held, cherished and feel loved. Without that.......sex is not enough. No matter how good it is.
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8 Responses Sep 9, 2012

For me it's all or nothing, it just can't happen otherwise.

Yes it's the whole package for me too! I like the companionship,cuddling and togetherness and the sex is icing on the cake!

i agree ..thats is why i could never have sex...i make love instead,and i dont have a partner,but if i date someone and we click then it is always making love.

I feel you. I too wish I could make love rather than just have sex.

I don't agree with 36Ds. Sex is more important in life. It not only gives you mental satisfaction but gives a worldly pleasure and serve as a great stress buster.

I agree completely. <br />
The Whole Package is where it's at.

I agree....The affection and tenderness makes all the physical responses that much stronger and more enjoyable too...

Exactly! ;)

Sex?... Not something I'll ever experience, not FULL sex anyway but, I'm not complaining. There's far more important things in the world than sex and you just need to make the most of the cards you've been given.<br />
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