Club Sex

I'm a crazy horny individual and I enjoy having a bf or gf pretend to be a stranger in a large setting to be safe and satisfy my needs.

Last night was one of my favs as I got to have both of them together. I "met" my gf at the bar and we moved onto the dance floor. We aren't the type of girls who put on a huge show, but we were super horny. I couldn't stop leaning into her, as we grinded against each other. I grabbed her silky blonde hair and pulled her closer to feel her c t*ts and feels her hard n*pples on mine as she was about to come while we gyrated more forcefully against each other. My bf "introduced" himself afterward and we made a subtle sandwich on the dance floor. Both of us girls making him come again and again. It's a good thing he was wearing dark jeans! I dont know If anyone watching... But there's always hope... Lol
Togasko Togasko
22-25, F
Sep 10, 2012