Risky But Exciting

Recently while having lunch at a little beach cafe I met a 25 year old law student. He was a very good looking man and although much younger than I, he was discretely flirting with me. At first I though it was cute, but soon I was turned on by the possibility. Two hours later I was in bed with him and OMG, he totally rocked my world. He was like the energizer bunny and could not get enough and I guess I just wanted to give.

I thought it was just a one time thing and so I was surprised to hear from him the next morning. Could I come over for coffee? I agreed but so much for coffee, it was straight to bed and a repeat of the previous days performance. When we were done and before I left he ask me If I would like to be interested in a very discrete "**** Buddy" relationship. He explained that his schedule did not allow him time to date, etc., and besides I was married anyway. I explained my "open marriage" situation to him and told him that I thought that might be exciting for a while, but that my play days were limited to days and nights when my husband was away. So we agreed to be "**** Buddies".

Well so much for only days when my husband is out of town! We have had sex for the last eight days straight!! Somehow I have managed to be able to get away for an hour or two every day. Grocery, shopping, the mall, when my husband is playing golf, etc.. But the most daring was Sunday night about midnight. My husband had gone to bed when I got a text. "Can you get away for a bit?" My husband had taken an Ambian, so I knew he would not wake up. So I told my new lover maybe for just a half an hour. I told him to park at the end of the street by the park and to text me when he got there.

I showered quickly and put on a short satin robe with just a touch of perfume. I knew that what ever I put on would not be on for very long, so make it easy right?

When I got his text I told him to meet me by the hot tub. He had already been to the house once before and knew right where it was. It is away from the house on the other side of the pool in a somewhat secluded area and about as far from our bedroom as you can get. If we were quite no one would ever know we were there. I was sitting on one of the double loungers waiting for him when he got there. I told him to whisper if he had to talk at all and took off my robe and laid down as he undressed and laid down next to me. Soon we were kissing passionately as his hands roamed freely over my body touching me in all the right places.

The warm night air felt nice against my bare skin and I was excited and turned on even more that usual. I think it was the risk of getting caught, even though there was very little chance of that happening, it was still a possibility. I reminded him that we needed to be as quite as possible and that he should probably make love to me instead of ******* me. He knew what I meant. He got between my legs and entered me slowly and for the next 30 minutes or so made love to me bringing me to two ******* that were almost impossible to keep quite, each time he had to cover my mouth with his hand.

I love sex!!!!
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26 Responses Sep 12, 2012

Damn. Gave a me hard on.

Very nice and intriguing .......

WOW! HOT, HOT! Love your adventurous spirit!

Wish there were more like you

This is a great story! Sounds like fun!

That is so awesome. Thanks for sharing!

You rock

I love you ... wow you are so sexy and willing... Man ... what a lucky guy you have made him ... just a **** buddy w/o ties and commitments beyond just pleasure for the two of you... wow ... Kudo's to you OCHOTWIFE... you sure are a pleaser... sd

I love it so sexy and hot

wow risky and amazing !

You sure make me horny. I wish.....

Damn what a great experience

Hot!!! Wondering why the secret if your marriage is open??

What a sexy hot naughty cougar you are ! luv it babe ! growl !

I am just down the road If he cannot make it.

Very naughty of you, I like it.

That excites me so much. Brilliant! the image of him slowly entering you and the quiet slow **** is quite erotic. Would love to see more of this gorgeous body he enjoyed. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

OMG...we are so alike!!

What a sexy hot story! Looks like you are sure having fun!

oooh ! show it to me also baby

Lucky young man and so are you. What a hot story. Wish I could have been a neighbor to watch you take that **** and *** over and over again as he made love to you.

What a hot and horny story. I love it, and love how much you're enjoying your hot young stud. Go for it girl. xxx

Omg. Thats a one hot story. Damn. My **** is rock hard.

Very naughty .... I love it!

Very sexy story... Sure has my shorts in a knot!! I'd love to be your friend..

I enjoyed this. Very erotic and i find older woman more attractive. Good for you Ta.