Twice This Morning

It's been a wonderful Saturday morning so far, hubby and I ****** twice before 9:00am! I woke him up by gently and slowly stroking his ****. He opened his eyes and smiled at me as his **** grew bigger and harder. I proceeded to start sucking his semi-hard on until it was at full attention. Deep throating and gagging on it turned me on so much my ***** was dripping wet. My nipples are feeling very sensitive this morning so I made hubby suck on them for a while which drove me nuts. He stuck a finger in my ***** and remarked at how wet I was. I told him it's because he turns me on so much. I climbed on top and started teasing him by rubbing the head of his **** on my **** for a few minutes. I could tell it was driving him nuts and finally he tells me to "sit down" so I sink down onto his **** enjoying the feeling of it filling me up...

I ride him for a little while, feeling so good then I tell him I need him to **** me so I get up and bend over and he comes up behind me and grabs my hips and plunges his big hard **** deep into my *****. I tell him to smack my *** and he happily obliges, then grabs a handful of my hair and continues to **** me deep and hard until I *** all over his **** then he pumps my sweet ***** full of his ***.

That was round one...
americanwitch americanwitch
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13 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Sex in the morning is wonderful .

I haven't ran across round 2 yet . How did that go?

I don't think I ever wrote about it, and it was over a year ago so I probably won't lol!

Well, phooey!

That man has no idea how lucky he is...

And that was just the first go? A very lovely way to spend a Saturday! Sometime if you can you should just make a day of it if you haven't already. I have and it's wonderful.

After all that, what was for breakfast?? I liked the part about you rubbing your **** on his ****. Its the only way to go

I love morning sex! It's the best part about sharing a bed with a beautiful woman. It's so sexy to tease and kiss her as she sleeps, draping an arm and leg over her warm, soft body and gently rocking and nudging her awake. I feel like a kid on Christmas, who tugs at his parents covers eager to get started.

Bet he has agreat day

What a wonderful wife you are.....

I hope round 2 was just as hot

Oh honey, it all just sounds so wonderful. Hmmm, what a nice Sunday. Fun had by one and all.

Best wake up call I've heard in awhile,,

omg you are the best alarm clock ever

I'm thinking your *** will be round two have him pump that full of *** too then you can have two full holes with *** running out!!

It usually is but he actually went back for more of my ***** in round two. He will **** my *** later ;)