If I Could I Would Have Sex/ Make Love To My Husband Everyday !

 I love sex. If I could I would have sex/ make love to my husband everyday ! Many times a day! I prefer making love, over just sex. To me there is more time spent in making love the just sex. To me sex is "wham bam thank ya mam".
I believe there is a big difference in sex,f-ing and making love. Maybe it is a woman thing. Or maybe it is just "me".To me sex and f-ing are pretty much the same thing. They are the motions of intercourse. With out the petting, caressing, and the kissing. Myself I prefer making love. I like the kissing and petting , or foreplay as some would call it.I think a couple can make love without the actual intercourse. Is this wrong? I believe making love is making 

each other feel good. I also believe it needs to be a equal balance for each person. I know we all can get caught up in the moment of feeling good that we can become selfish. For a HAPPY sex life I think we have to actually think about each other.
  Sex/f-ing is just intercourse. Yes sometimes I would love for my husband to whisk me in to the bedroom and just **** me until I can't **** no more. Spontaneous! I would love that. BUT that is not going to happen. That is not who he is. Because of his long hours at work when we do have sex it is on his days off. Everything with him is planned and calculated. I am not use to that much. I have never been with a man like that. The men I have been with like me taking the first approach, the teasing and pleasing and turning them on. 

  Maybe I am thinking too much on what it was like when I was younger. Am I or are we too old for the spontaneous sex, or quickie in the car, the woods. You know what I mean?? Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself. But just because he can't "get it up" does not meant he has to stop showing affection all together. Maybe I need to talk to a man friend to get an understanding on this. I love my husband with all my heart. But for the last year and a half I have been so lonely it's not funny. I have even actually thought about cheating on him. That in itself makes me sad.

  What made me to actually give this a great deal of thought is my husbands sex drive has not been so good lately. I have been very patient and understanding. He had been to the Dr. and found he has low-T. I think maybe we both are expecting a miracle. He has been taking the testosterone injections for about a month now. We try to have sex but it just isn't working. He feels bad because he thinks he is disappointing me. Yes I am disappointed. But I can't get him to understand there are other ways to make love.It makes him mad when I try to bring the subject up. So I am left to being lonely and upset.  Maybe I am being selfish now. If so I am sorry. I think I need help understanding. I am 42 yrs old and have never not wanted to have sex or make love. Even when most women don't want it... Like when they are pregnant. I still wanted it! Then more than ever. 

   I will think on it some more. I just needed to vent. I have  All of this was on my mind and I have no one to talk to.
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I feel your pain as I was feeling and living with the same issues for years x Life is just too short to be lived unhappy x

this is so sad momma feel for you and know what it feels like. want to inbox me we can chat b tommy

no your not being selfish. there is so many ways to make love to a woman he is the one being selfish by not seeing your needs and taking suggestions from you. my self I always want to please the woman I am with the old saying woman first

I totally agree with you.