Is there anything better than a guy who knows exactly what buttons to press? Even the idea of sex with them is too much, but it is something that is totally irresistible at the same time.
Talking about it, or the flirting and sexual tension beforehand is totally electric. The sexual chemistry that builds up is pretty intense, which makes the actual act something too good for words.

A guy who can mentally turn me on without even touching me must be seriously good at what he does, and I would love to find out if the words matched the reality.........
Man, I wish that guy was here right now. I would blow his mind.
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19 Responses Sep 22, 2012

It is like magic. When they walk in the room, its like a *Ray of Sunshine*. Ya' can't wait to touch them.........or, even better, have them *Touch you!!*

Some men are not good at expressing their feelings of Playtime...(Before the Act!!:))>)
They need a lil' *Push from the Woman* to get things started. But, once the Pot gets Boiling....Oh, My!! Watch out...

Please don't take this wrong angel not interested in getting my mind blown. Love and kisses. Thanks.

I could be that guy. You never really know. I would love to find out. I have about 30 pics for you to view, and at least decide if the physical attraction is their. Then we can work on it together to decide if the emotional attraction is also a possibility.

hmmm the promise at the end sounds really interesting...makes me wanna be that guy ;)

I love your story. It is so true. The inate sexual tension in a new relationship is so intoxicating.

I do think for men and women sex should start int he mind. for me 80% of the feelings and creative thoughts you bring to life can stimutate someone to having a much better relationship with sex. And it makes real love making much more intense sometimes for me a full body ******. I am practising tantra it helps xx

That type of feeling is wonderful for us fellas as well. An Emotional/mental connection is definitely amazing.

Having the back-and-forth experience of building a deep, intimate connection online and sharing the sexual delights that once were words, I can tell you that it only gets better after...
Sure, your mind adjusts more to the reality of what skin on skin feels like, how bodie parts smell and taste like but if you are going back to imagination-driven sex with the same person later (long distance relationship might be one reason), then you both ache more for the real thing and have more ground to imagine, plan and enjoy the next encounter...

You mean, you haven't met one yet?

After the mind, you'd continue the *******... *winks*....right dear? :)

we are around the guys talk mention.a womans mind when you know what she likes and can start to paint a picture for her and her mind will take over and start painting out in detail what you are saying to her clear as day in her mind.i like getting to know a woman like that,an its not hard.all you have to do is be a good i said you wanna talk chat anything i'm around k

Hope you find him

Yes, the dance that leads up to it is amazing...

Isn't ctrl+alt+delete+ the buttons that starts everything, or maybe I'm missing the point?

My mind to be blown - what an idea! Most women don*t even know how to do a blow-job. Doing a blow-job is okay for a woman, but blowing a man's mind up is a challenge. If I were in the situation I would like to take a chance with you, dear...

Hello, Your words conjure up the premise of a story I penned. If you feel so inclined, please check my post "A Stranger At The Window". "Mind blowing", ???

to me its the buildup of the hunt, chase and finally, the getting started thats sooo arousing. The sex is always great, but the buildup getting to the sex is soo awsome

Luckiest guy ever!!!