I was transferred to this business for a day which had a massive building and I was in the elevator and it was just me and this guy there and he had a badge on saying he worked there. So we are standing and he is making my life awkward by staring at me. Then I looked back at him and saw that he was quite hot. The elevator stopped moving and I got scared. He told me not to worry and repair people will be right on their way. He got closer and touched me and we ended up having sex: in the elevator. I didn't even get his name. I'm such a man slag aren't I
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What were you afriad he was going to do?

Oh yeah you are......he must have been something to make you go goofy....

He was so muscular and ugh I just wanted him but I obviously wasn't going to do anything. Lucky for me he read my signs

Damn wish I was in that elevator!

Oh the things we would do if we were in a confined space together.

you have my interest, tell me more!

Well you are older than me and I love an older man. I like to take control though and show him how I'm the boss

that would work

I'll let you complete the scenario yourself ;)

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