I Love Sex!

I can't get enough of sex!! I love the feeling of his **** inside my *****!! But now a days, it's always quickies :(( I'm craving long sex!! Just long enough to please me!
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18 Responses Sep 25, 2012

ide love 2 be deep inside of u slipping in and out as deep and slow as i could. even more so ide love 2 be deep in u skin 2 skin making every nerve in ur entire body feel like it was on fire and the only way 2 cool them off was as u started ******* 2 hear u tell me u want me 2 *** deep inside of u how does this sound 2 u???

mmmmm, love you to feel my big hard **** deep inside your sweet wet *****. xxx

i can help you wit that ;)

Yes, long time love making is the best! ;)

I would make love to you all night long. I would make you *** forever.

quickies can be fun once in a while but a nice long **** session is really the best way to go!

Hope to hear and see more of you :-) !!

when was the last time you had a orgasam from a **** in your ***** !

I need to *** before penetration otherwise it is too short!

I agree. Quikies don't get it done. The goal should be to satisfy the woman - that gives me the most pleasure.

wow very nice add me please

I feel ya...

I am always horny and would love to **** a girl all night long.

I am with you all the way day and night.

like you i don,t like it to short i want to last awhile for me and my lover hope you start getting better sex vinny

I love to go for hours, pleasing is my specialty ;)

Maybe one day, the 8" balls deep inside, giving you what you desire

This is very common with younger men and it can be managed. If he does not last long enough get him off once before you let him enter you. The second time around he will hopefully last long enough to allow you to enjoy him for a longer period of time. After you get him off the first time have him give you oral sex - you can enjoy it and he should get erect and ready for you to enjoy him. Also very frequent and regular sex helps train him to last longer and to move in a way that pleases you. Hope this helps.

You are most welcome. Younger men tend to ********* with minimal stimulation and far too soon to allow you to ******. They are so eager to have sex they forget it is about pleasing you too not just themselves. The flip side is they can get erect again faster than most older men and they can perform sexually a second and many more times more easily than most older men can. When they do it almost always take them longer to *********. So my dear as you are a good girl and like sex you now have and know the tools to keep him at it longer before he ********** and give you more time to achieve an ****** from his thrusting. Remember to teach him to keep his pelvis sliding against your vulva so you have more and prolonged contact with your vulva and clitoris.
BTW Older men are best served by having sexual relations very often and regularly - if you don't use it you will loose it. Nothing is as erotic as enthusiasm. Being eager for sex is cool and you sure seem to have the right attitude - keep it going.

I would love to help u with that !!
It sometimes helps to be older & more mature !!
I hope u get ur sweet *** screwed hard soon !!