Shark Week- Is It Ok?

Ok, ladies, this one's mainly for you....

Is it just me or do we become more horny and sexual when it's "that time of the month"? I have had sex before while on my period, but not with my husband. It was before I met him..Is it strange to want to feel him inside me during this time? I am not against bloody sex at all, but how would I go about asking him if he is ok with it?
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sex while a woman is on her period is good for her :) & good for me is she wants it :) lol

I also become more horny on my period. On my first night with my boyfriend I was in my days, and I told him I couldn't, but we were crazy about each other and we couldn't contain ourselves. It was amazing and I've done other times after that, I can't resist him, ever.

having sex when your on your period is the best thing for you darlings :) trust me

About a year ago it was that time of the month and it had been a few days since my and my husband had been together. I am not sure why he was willing, but even in that state, he decided to taste me...something he has not done before or since...for whatever reason.

I do not think he was put of by for me, when I need a little release, I often think about that afternoon, and yes the happy ending arrives VERY quickly for me. I am not sure if it is because it kind of is naughty, or if he just wanted me so bad, nothing would stop him from having me? But oh yes, I liked it indeed!

I did this the very first time I met my wife she was on her period and I had not had sex in more than half a year. We had sex and she did not ******* so I went down on her to give her an ******. There was blood every were: in my mouth, in my face, on my **** on the sheets, on the pillows and on her. I was up and showered and changed the linen. Since then we have not have sex during her period.

My Dear Wife will not allow for relations when she has her period and I respect her wishes we separate until she dresses in a night gown again. Thankfully she is almost done having periods and loves to have sex so we very much enjoy each other's company.

I don't like having sex with my gf when it's her time of the month. The mixture of *** and period is horrible lol! But sometimes ya just get so hurt ya gotta do it:p

We finally did it and OMG it was amazing, maybe because we were drunk, but it was still awesome!!

Oh my gosh I get sooooooo horny that time of month. I'd suggest trying to seduce him. Or just wear red panties.

I Love it.yhu never kno he may feel the same way

I really enjoy fingering a lady during "her time." Especially when she is hesitant but discovers that she is so ready to ***

I get very horny that time of the month!

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