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Hot And Horny

Lying in my bed all alone... thinking about a few of me special EP friends... maybe even chatting w/ one!! My hand slowly finds it way down to the waist line of my pants... into my panties. My fingers feel the wetness between my legs and decides to further investigate. Slowly I insert one finger while my thumb rubs my swollen **** and my hips are rocking into my finger to push it deeper.. then two... three... oh god yes!!! Then I bring out my phone so I can record how hot and ready to *** I am!! I begin ******* and stroking myself harder... deeper... faster!!! Just when I about to ***... my husband walks in. Should I be embarrassed that he just caught me with my hands in my pants... hell no!! He stands there for a minute watching me ... as I pull out my **** so I can pull my nipple... I beg for him to come finish me off!! I want his mouth on my wet *****... his tongue and teeth!! He kneels down and sucks me so hard... as I pull and tug at my nipples. I explode in his mouth!! He drinks all of me in and brings me to another... my whole body is shaking with the ultimate *******... he looks up at me with his juices all over his face and just smiles!!!
wet4you77 wet4you77 31-35, F 39 Responses Nov 4, 2012

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lovely ! with a happy ending ! thanks for sharing ! :-)

I'm breathless. ...and hard!

Very nice.

Hey you are naughty go to my room ;)

That's really sexy. I would love to see some pictures or video some time if you're interested you can message me ;)

wow, what a nice story, i pictured myself as your husband and i'm nearly ******* in my pants right now.

wow, I would like to be the on doing that for you =]


Nice story. I'd like to see more. Please add.

That was very hot! Your husband is a lucky man!

Its a shame we dont have star trek style transporters if we did he could transport himself over just when your ready for him to finish the job you started

Love ur answer babe

Would love to chat with you.!!!

wow so hot loved it thanks for the story

Cool story. Lucky for you hubby happened by at the right time, even better if your EP friend was female, Ha!

I had an experience similar to that.
Needless to say she came in my face fair few times during our all too brief relationship.
I loved being on the end of her shuddering *******. It made me feel special, privileged and useful to a woman who I can't forget.
I loved it when she said, "I'm so close..." and then held my head firmly as she ground her hot, wet ***** on my mouth. I almost wondered if I was going to suffocate.
I felt I'd learned a new skill, and wanted to practice it over and over again.
My current girlfriend isn't too keen on all that sort of thing and I have diplomatically had to just accept that.
She only really likes my fingers and then my ****.
It was just nice being able to just selflessly pleasure my partner just for the joy of it.
I love mature women who know want they want in bed.
C'est la Vie.

How wonderfully delightful.
Thanx for sharing


Wow, oh my gosh, how sexy!

Would love to come home early to that...Would love to help you get to that state ! Very hot...

wish it was me with you xx

cool !

wow great story thanks for that

I enjoyed reading this, it helped to get my day off to a great start!! ;)

SEXY GREAT STORY ... Id love to join you

would love tp watch that then join in xx

I am so looking forward to chatting to you ;-)

Sounds like so much fun!!

That is just too hot, whew! What an image you paint. Very nice. Your husband is a lucky man. Thank you for sharing.

Just when I thought the cute innocent looking girl next door couldn't get any hotter!

This one I have lived quite a few times

Oh Yummm!

wish i walked on that ,,,sounds like fun !

what a lovely story, keep them cuming

Thanks for that hot story. I am hard as rock now :)

wow sexy hot story thanks

I hope I was the man in your thoughts 😃

wish that i could have helped hubby :) >> lovesss the taste of some sweet ***** jucies

Thats a really good story so hard now. Thanks for sharing.

Dam that's hot!