Becca And I Like It Rough

Becca and I had spent a night of luxurious lovemaking. Our bodies intertwined, fingers and tongues exploring each other completely, moving in unison as if we were both listening to the same erotic melody. Knowing the right places to touch, the right amount of pressure to apply. We spent the night synchronized to each other, producing long rolling ******* for one another. Our bodies damp from the ardor of our pleasures, except for our inner thighs, which were wet from our repeated climaxes. We were both reluctant to get out of bed, each thinking "one more time", and then acting on those thoughts. By the time we did separate, we both were weak from our erotic adventures.

After a late brunch, we had a message from Lexi that she would be home late afternoon, and wanted us. We teased her through text messages for a bit, when Becca suggested we resume our pleasures with each other. I couldn't refuse, but suggested we get toys and make it a bit rougher. She quickly agreed. We went to her bedroom, where she kept a drawer full of toys and lubes. I chose the biggest thick ***** (which we had nicknamed "The Horse") and a long one, "Long John". Becca took a big thick one (Big Bob) and a double headed one. We both knew this meant some double penetration, which excited me. We each took a bottle of lube for the *** *******.

Giggling, we jumped on the bed beside one another, and soon were having each other suck on the big ******, which were both a real mouthful. After a few minutes I told Becca I wanted to be ******, and moved around so we were in a 69 position. Becca began tonguing me, but I didn't need much arousal as I was already dripping wet. I felt the firm head of the ***** against my *****, and i raised my hips just a little as Becca slid it deep in my wet hole. I moaned with pleasure as she pushed it as deep as possible in me. I responded with the Horse, using both hands to push it up her ***** while I rotated it in circles. She responded with a "Oh **** yes". We both began slowly ******* one another with these big ******, and soon increased the tempo. I could feel it going deep enough in me my belly ached somewhat from the pressure. I knew Becca was feeling the same. It didn't take much to spasm with ecstasy as I came just before Becca came. We both slowed a bit, and I felt the cool wetness of the lube in the crack of my butt, and then her finger pressing into my ***. With a groan of joy, I felt her finger enter my *** and gently move back and forth. Once the muscles had relaxed some, she took her finger out and I could feel the lubed head of the double ***** press into me. She kept pushing in inward, until I gasped with the depth of penetration. I could feel it in the middle of my belly, as well as the big one in my *****. I didn't bother with fingering Becca's ***, I just lubed up the head of the ***** and pressed it in. It took a few seconds, but the head slid into her and I just started pushing it in deeper and deeper until all but the rubber scrotum was up her ***. She whispered "**** my ***", so I began sliding the ***** in and out of her in short strokes.

As both of us were busy ******* each others ***, we both began moving the big ones in our ******* too. All I could do was shudder with the sensation of 2 ****** ******* my ***** and *** together. We worked each other into an erotic frenzy, pumping each other rapidly with 2 ****** each. I know I had 3 or 4 ******* as she worked my holes over with reckless abandon. At times it was so intense I know I screamed. Being on top, my body could hold Becca in place, but I could feel her squirming and twisting underneath me as her body repeatedly pulsed with intense pleasure. I knew I was close to passing out from hyperventilation as I couldn't control the spasms rumbling through me from head to toe. It was almost as if we were in a competition to see who could make the other *** the most until we couldn't take it anymore.

I lost. The pressure of those 2 ****** repeatedly pumping deep into me to the point I was almost feeling sick to my stomach finally reached the point I couldn't take any more, and with one final body jolting ******, I collapsed on Becca. I could tell she wasn't far behind me, as she had been whimpering and gasping right along with me. The ******* stopped, and we both lay there with the ****** still in us as we tried to regain our senses. I was dizzy and lightheaded, and I felt limp. I wasn't sure if I had the energy to even roll off Becca. I could feel her breathing deeply and slowly, as my belly and hips rose with her chest with each breath. My nipples even hurt from being so hard.

After several minutes of recovery, I felt Becca slowly glide the ****** out of me. I started to do the same to her, but she said leave the one in her ***. I pulled out the big one, and with some effort I turned around to lay beside her. She held the big one that had been in my ***** up and told me to suck my *** off it. I took it in my mouth and licked it clean, tasting my *** which covered the entire shaft. She wanted to suck the Horse, so I let her take it.

We lay there in post **** bliss for about half an hour, when Becca asked if I was revived enough. I told her it depended on what she wanted. She said she wanted me to **** her *** again with a strap on this time. I told her I could handle that, so got up and took a big strap on from her drawer. The first ***** was still up her ***, so as she got on all fours in front of me, I moved it back and forth a few times to get her ready. This strap on was almost an inch bigger around than the *****, so I knew to start easy. I got the head and shaft coated with lube, and then pulled out the other ***** before I shoved the strap on in her. As I buried its entire length in her ***, she groaned and gasped. I took hold of her hips and began thrusting in and out of her *** with some force. Becca gave out a gutteral grunt with each deep thrust, and she was grabbing the sheets with her hands to try to control herself. I wasn't going to let her get away with that, so I just started ******* her *** harder and faster, so her body was moving back and forth with each movement. She was gasping for me to **** her ***, **** her ***, **** her *** with each stroke until with massive grunts, she came again and again. She collapsed onto the bed on her face and belly, and I knelt there, watching her body rise and fall with each gasping breath as she recovered. Becca finally rolled over onto her back and smiled at me as I lay beside her. She asked if she was my *****, and I said just like I was her *****.

At the moment neither of us had the energy to do much so we just laid and kissed, and caressed each other. I could tell she was recovering her energy, and she raised up and looked at me, and with a smile, said if I was her *****, she needed to **** me. I told her please do, ravage my body and make me feel like a ****. She rolled over and said she needed some more toys.

Becca slipped on a strap on, with a nice big shaft waving in the air in front of her, and she had a ***** and a vibrator in her hands. She took the ***** and gave it to me and told me to suck it until she said to quit. I did, and she rolled me to my back, pushing my legs apart. While the strap on bobbed in front of her, she turned on the vibrator and squirted some lube on it. My guess was it was going in my ***, and in a minute I knew I was right. She had set it to a fast speed, so I quickly felt this buzzing in my *** which was wonderful. She then moved down so she could press the head of the strap on into me, and without pausing shoved it all the way in my *****. I gasped through the ***** in my mouth, and she began furiously ******* my *****. She also started pinching and twisting my nipples, which were already hard. It was only a few minutes before I came with body wrenching jolts, almost choking on the ***** in my mouth. Becca didn't stop, but kept on ******* me hard and fast until I came twice more. Fortunately by the last time, I could tell she was tiring as well, as she wasn't going nearly as hard and fast. As I recovered from my third ******, she took the ***** from my mouth and told me to lick the strap on clean. I took it in my mouth, and she began slowly ******* my mouth with it. When it was clean, she took it out of my mouth, laid beside me and put her arms around me. I think she had forgotten about the vibrator in my ***, which was really driving me wild as it was the only sensation I had to focus on at this point. I was moving my hips up and down as I was about to *** again, and once I did, Becca said now she would take the vibrator out of me. Breathlessly I said thank you as she slid it out.

We both lay on the bed exhausted, breathing deeply as we lingered in the afterglow of our *******. I think both of us were wanting to doze off, but Becca pointed out that Lexi would be here in an hour and we should clean up and be ready for her. We took the toys to the bathroom and washed all of them well, then climbed into the shower together. It was a wonderful way to reconnect sensually to soap each other up all over and wash each other. We got out, both dried our hair, and each slipped into long tees to wait for our other lover to arrive. We snacked in the kitchen, coyly looking at each other and giggling about our hours together, and knowing we would be repeating it again soon with Lexi.
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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I don't know how you find time to eat and work considering all the sex you seem to have .. you lucky girl
What would you have done if you had never met Becca?

Another great story but got me crazy! I woud love to see ya'l do a movie, your sex sounds so real and emotional!

sounds very erotic and sexy