Your Love Is Like A Rollercoaster Baby Baby!

I looked down at the number scribbled down on the back of the receipt and smiled.
Apparently the woman who I had met the week before had been trying to track me down, when she finally stumbled upon my friends partner who worked at the local supermarket. She wrote her name and number on the back of her receipt and made her promise to give it to me.

I knew what that meant straight away... I had already danced with her on the dance floor the week before and knew I had hit a nerve with her. As I normally do when allowed within that comfort bubble.

As I began to write her a message, I remembered her personality. Rough around the edges, kind of annoying and a bit of a bogan, but she was also just made perfectly for rough sex. There's something I learned along time ago with women like this, give them the roller coaster ride and whatever you do, don't show weakness.

So I texted "Heard you were looking for me. Did you like the way I grinded up on you and slapped your ***? Or was it my hot breath on your neck and the dirty words I whispered in your ear?"

It wasn't long before I established raunchy conversations and established that she could *** from both her holes. I worked her up to a frenzy, using all cheekiness and wit possible to light a fire in her panties.

She would write that she had laundry to do, I'd tell her that I would bend her over that washing machine and make her drown my throbbing **** in her juices while I pulled her hair and slapped her ***. But then at the moment of highest arousal, I would say I had to go or simply wouldn't reply.

Eventually it had reached fever pitch, and she not only asked, but begged for me to come over. I figured it was time, so I drove over determined to stain her sheets and make her scream for more, but only to be silenced by a thrashing she would never forget.

As I arrived I strangely became nervous. I was no stranger to sexual exploits and known I had left many a woman quivering on a bed in amazement at the experience I just gave them. But this was different... I had worked her up too much and now I felt the weight of expectation to make this something incredible. I normally had a tang of anxiety but nothing like this, I usually could accept a mediocre performance, since it was still pretty intense and I could still make them ***.

But this was different, I knew nothing of her body, the way it liked to be touched. The sensitivity, when to be rough or firm, or even gentle. But I pushed this aside as I knocked on the door, she answered wearing a school girls outfit dark eye shadow and pigtails. I immediately stepped back into character. "Handlebars hey?" She laughed but I could see a hint of nervousness which only encouraged me more.

It was up to me from this point to set the atmosphere and the tone, if I let her dominate to earlier she would get bored and I would become nervous, which is a big no no for a male. This was my domain and her my property for the night. Agree or not, this is the way it should be.

I told her to turn around so I could get a better look. The second she turned, I gave her left *** cheek a big smack and drew in close to her. My **** pointed firmly between her cheeks and my hot breath in her ear. I then whispered.. "You have been a very bad girl" Drawing out the baaaaaadd. I then pulled back on both of her pig tails and said in a firm voice. "Does the bad girl need to be punished?"

"Yes" she replied.
"The ***** going to have to speak up if she wants to be treated like the ***** she is"
I then grabbed both of her hands and quickly placed them above her head, at the same time I slammed my body up against hers so she was pinned up against the wall. "So what's it going to be *****?" As I held her wrists with one hand pinned against the wall, the other slowly caressed down her back and belly creating S patterns like a snake, up and down the pattern went. I could feel her goosebumps, and her grinding slowly back up on my crotch.
While keeping the S pattern going I gently kissed her neck, slowly building pressure.

"I wanna get ****** like a *****" She said with a fire in her eyes.
"Good girl... now spread those legs" As I said this I hit the inside of her thighs gently encouraging her to open them. As she spread her legs I knelt down behind her and pushed her back downwards so she would arch her back and stick her *** in the air.

I then slapped her *** and ripped her panties to the side then let out a big.. Mmmm.
"Look at that dirty fuckhole, Oh, I'm gonna have some fun with you"
As soon as the last word left my mouth I buried my mouth deep within her ***, I enveloped her rosebud with my mouth and sucked on it like it had the antidote in it.
I licked teased and prodded her *** while she moaned and began to breath heavily for me.

"Does the **** like getting her *** licked hey?"
"******* oath" She replied, with a hint of laughter in her nervous voice.
I grabbed one of her hands and got her to hold one of her gorgeous *** cheeks out of the way, I then grabbed her other hand and placed it behind my head. With a mouthful of *** in my mouth.. I managed to mumble. "Then ******* show me how much you love having your *** eaten!"

She pushed and rode my face, but I never once backed off... even though I was struggling to breath I pushed on further and further with my tongue. I could feel her *** open up and my tongue just kept delving deeper and deeper to within her dirty hole. As soon as I felt her ease up even for a second, I quickly came up, flipped her around, picked her up and asked. "Wheres the bed that we"re going to get wet and dirty?"

She indicated with her head and I smile so I slowly took her into the room, telling her to watch my eyes the whole time and to wrap her legs and arms around me. I could see I had a great start with her and had given her a great element of surprise and that I had sent a thrill through her.

This just encouraged me even more.
As soon as we got to the bed, I threw her up in the air and made her land firmly on the bed, but before she could respond I slid my way past her legs and placed my hand up the side of her face and neck. Cupping it like a lover would do, I then brang her in and gave her a soft yet passionate kiss. I then moved to her neck while running my hands all over her, I placed my arms under her legs and rolled her into a little ball, completely exposing her holes. I then placed my **** right on top of her **** and gave it a little shake and gave her a cheeky smile.

I then held out my hand and told her to spit on it. Which she did... I then rubbed her saliva all over my hard **** and her juicy *****, teasing her and working her up into a frenzy. She arched her back and tried lining it up herself at one stage.

"Uh uh....If you want it.... your going to have to ask me for it."
"Hurry up and **** me with that big ****!" She screamed back... irritation in her eyes.
I wasted no time and quickly fully inserted as deeply as I could. I even used the mattress as foot grips, so I could crawl and push in further and further. I bended her like a ******* pretzel. I asked her... "Whose ***** it? Is it my ******* *****? Cause if it's mine... you better start giving it to me and opening it up" I then slapped her in the face, firmly yet not overdone. I then held her chin in my hand and squeezed her cheeks together. "Open your ******* mouth" She did eagerly, and I let a long dribble of spit land in her mouth while I slowly grinded deep inside of her.

She swallowed it eagerly, so I drew her in for a passionate kiss while I began to **** the **** out of her. I placed both hands at the top of her head and used it as leverage while I slammed into her but also pushed and pulled her off of me at the same time. Creating more force and penetrating deeper and deeper.

After about three minuets I could tell she was on the brink of ******* so backed off. I went back to long slower strides and told her to play with her ****. She did and rubbed it vigorously, with a look on her face of pure lust and aggression.

"Give me a smile" She did..."Now give me the smile of a **** that loves getting ****** hard"

She did and once again I rewarded her with another thrashing, except I could tell she was on the brink of making her **** ***, so I grabbed her wrist and placed it above her head. "That clits ******* last... haven't even made your *** *** yet... Mmm.." With every key word, I would push in deeper and deeper increasing the intensity.

"I can still taste that ***..." Very hard spank on ***.

Made her yelp a little. "Open that *** up"
She placed both hands on her *** cheeks and opened her sweet rosebud that was about to get ******. I spat down onto my **** and her ***.. then rubbed my **** on her ***. "Where do dirty ****** get ******?"
"In the ***!"
"In my dirty ******* *******!"
I slowly start inserting while this goes on.. feeling her *** relax as she uses her muscles to let me in. "That's it baby, suck that hard **** up there"
"Where's it going baby?"
She began to whisper but it only half came out of her lips, as it slides in deeply "My a......" A long gulp for air.
I place my hand over her mouth and force her to make eye contact... I bite my bottom lip and give her the cheekiest yet most evil smile I can give.
I then bury my head next to her neck and kiss it, sending shivers down her.

Then I whisper in her ear... "YOUR MINE NOW *****!" As I start to build up a slow rhythm. I keep the slow rhythm and less intense stuff for awhile while I feel her open up for me. Yet don't let her get too cold to ruin the mood.

It is an art form after all and it's not always the easiest thing to do in the world. So I grab her hand and place it back on her ****, telling her to show me how she plays with herself.

As she builds so do I.... I want the *** to match the ****, not dominate nor be a bystander while the **** becomes the sole source of pleasure. It's a balance between the two, and like any good director, when she is about to ***, I pull her hand away again, but decrease the intensity of the *** at the same time. Shallower slower strokes to account for the extra intensity that will be felt by the lack of **** stimulation.

"You like getting ****** in the *** and playing with the ****?"
"**** yeah" There is an honesty in someones eyes at this moment that I can't help but enjoy.

"You want me to *** up your ***!"
"Oh **** yeah! *** in my dirty ***!"
Things hit overdrive as I try to tuck her ankles behind her ears, hands placed on both shoulders pulling her off and on my rock hard **** as I thrust deep, hard, and fast all at the same time.
"Don't stop ******* my ***... Don't stop ******* my ***.."
I don't know what it is about her saying that.. but to see how much she loved primed my ****, it grew even bigger as I got ready to fire all of my creamy *** into her wet juicy ***.
She then said it...

"I'm going to ***! I'm going to ***!"
"Where's gonna ***?"
"My slutty little ***!"
Then on que, I could feel her spasm all over and scream out in Ecstasy as I let the largest load I could off in her ***.

After we rode out the final stages of both of our ******* we pull out as it got overly sensitive for both of us. We just laid there for what seemed like an eternity... Her looking at me like I was some sort of sex god. Everybody loves the feeling of that.

"I still have goosebumps" she said after awhile.
"Oh my god I have never felt anything so intense like that before"
She then snuggles into my chest and I put my arm around her, content and just enjoying the moment.

I drift of eventually with her muttering sweet nothings to me.

But then....

"Dad!...... Dad!"
I awake to see a child's face less than a meter from mine.

I immediately freak out and cover my naked self with the blanket, the woman gets up calmly naked and puts the child back to bed without a word. As I lay there I think back..."Did I even ask if she had kids"

The answer... no.
I didn't even think about it once, and now a terrible guilt fills my stomach.
The kid said "Dad" too...
What the **** is that supposed to mean?
Does she have a partner?
Didn't exactly ask that now either...
I quickly regather myself and remember that I am single and have betrayed no one. That if she has a partner, she is the one betraying trust and doing the wrong thing, I am merely just the outlet.

She returns to the room, still naked.
"Don't worry about that, he's fast asleep now"

"Are you still with the dad?"

The silence is deafening as I can hear her deep breath as she prepares to say something she doesn't wish to say.

"Yes, he's my husband" I shake my head, but I hold myself together.
"Where is he?"
"Canberra for work"

"So why **** me then?"
Another haunting silence.

"I gotta go hey... I don't believe in ******* with peoples families, I ain't no home wrecker."
As I began to leave and get dressed.

She pleaded with me to stay, that he was no good and she planned on leaving him ect... ect..
"You don't even know me. You know how I **** and how I can get you wet, you don't know me when I'm sad, you don't know me when I'm happy. You don't know my ideals and principals and morals. You don't know if I'm an ******* or a nice guy, you know nothing! I was just a thrill ride in an amusement park. And while it might have been a great ******* ride, that ride is for your husband and you. It's between you two. Not some guy you met at a club and invited back to your marital home to **** while your kids slept in the next room."

She pleaded again to come back to bed.
"I told you... I ain't no home wrecker. I would kill you if I was him, no lie. I would feel so betrayed and dishonored that you could do this to me and endanger the kids. You don't know a thing about me... you know I **** and I talk the talk. That's it, yet you bring me into your house with your children late at night. So you can get your rocks off. Your not even sorry, I can see it in your eyes."

She had a look of exasperation in her eyes.
"I loved it... it's a bit hard to feel sorry for something that felt so good"

On that note I picked up the final bits of my belongings and left with one last bit.
"Well... so did I. But I also have morals and a heart... I might have slapped your *** and played rough. But our mutual enjoyment was paramount in my mind... It didn't mean I was some hard ***, that had no soul, it's a role play. Deep down I'm still a good guy because I do those things out of wanting to please others and achieve the sexual pinnacles.
Your just some heartless **** that ***** around behind her husbands back. Why should I give you anymore attention then I already have?"

Then I walked straight out got in my car drove home and showered.

I might **** like an animal. I might get caught up and lost in the moment. And... I might talk a lot about sex and love to act it out on a regular basis.
But that doesn't mean that another side of me doesn't exist.
I still have my principals and morals.
I just know that when you can maintain those things within a loyal relationship or an agreement between single friends... you can also have a lot of fun on the roller coaster ride. :)
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

If this had been your 20th date with her, and there had been some clearer attempt to know each other, then I would not have been asking every other sentence "How many women would file an assault charge if a guy did that on a first real date?"

As you said yourself, you did not know her body and the way it liked to be touched. You said it well when said you did not know her sensitivities and when to be rough and when to be gentle. The fact that you in fact knew nothing about her personal history (and marriage) just amplifies that there was a complete lack of understanding of the person, and there was in fact no proper courtship here. The fact that she liked the sex so much looks in hindsight like good luck given how much was not known about her.

I appreciate that you are a great rough-sex lover (but only for a girl who has the taste for that!). But I would say the story demonstrates some poor judgement about how much courtship is required, and how deep that should go, before you start chasing the very edge of sexual impulse.

Whoa, you write so bloody well not true. That was a roller coaster of a story. Nice to know there are men with morals out there, yeah small kid at home and some random guy not good.