Blending Souls

In religious terms there are some who would say that sex is a sin, among these Maimonides and Augustine of Hippo, and that desire, sexual desire should be resisted always. I find this fundamentally wrong, simply because the only real directive we received in our forefather, foremother, Adam and Eve was to procreate, to fill the Earth and subdue it. Sex is ordained of God!

When you are having sex, making love, in the human procreative mandate, we are obeying the first commandment of God. There are Kabbalists who say we are joined with God in creating, in our act of procreation. Obviously, before the Fall in Eden, this commandment was a perfect honouring of God, but since the Fall although honouring him, our actions are less productive.

The pleasures we receive, the transfer of human gametes aside, are the reverberations of the Cosmos. Yes, they really are 'cosmic *******' and we need them as proof both of our humanity and our ability to experience transcendence.

My best friend Olivier, who is my lover, delights in my orgasming everytime we have sex. He pushes into me sometimes languidly sometimes vigorously and gives me a shuddering experience each time he is deep insides, when his body is closely pressed into mine. I understand this is because he strikes my clitoris as he thrusts into me (sorry, does that sound a little too mechanical, I don't know which words to use in English).

His pubic hair tickles me as we make love, since I shave my hair from my body, and the whole experience I savour. Perhaps, with talking with him about this I will better be able to describe what we do.
ToiledAraignee ToiledAraignee
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Dec 2, 2012