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I have been having my period the last few days but despite it's 'hardness', the fact it has been so painful, I have been missing Olivier. Not his being with me, he has been, we've had breakfast the last two mornings at a favourite cafe in the Beaubourg, I mean with me.

I so enjoy when he takes down my panties and touches me, making me so wet, and then he lays me down and he pushes his penis into me, and provokes something from my body much more Paradisaic than anything I could do for myself! Perhaps, again, I sound too mechanical, but I can eagerly remember the last time we had sex.

It was last week, Tuesday. We were at college, and had been in the library for a time. Olivier suggested we go for coffee, and as we walked out and towards a cafe. He allowed me to get a little in front of him so that he could look at me. I had on short lace petticoats, almost like a miniskirt, and underneath a black lace g-string, and long black leather boots. No stockings or suspenders, the boots were knee high, my skirts mid-thigh length at the hem. I wore a black polo necked cotton sweater, and a black Levis jacket.

We hadn't gone far and he lifted the back of my skirts to put his hand on my seat, groping my buttocks. As we walked along, there was a door suddenly to our right, it was a small office that was empty. Olivier quickly took my hand, and pushed through the door, which was (fortunately) open. Perhaps the person who worked there was away at a meeting, or a late lunch, we didn't know, or find out. The desk was virtually empty of papers and pens, so he pressed me against it, and standing in front of me he reached under my skirts and pulled down, and removed my string.

Minutes later he had pushed his very hard penis into me, and he was ******* me! It was furious, and I was very wet very quickly, so much so that he was driven to be quick or I'd get too wet and he would find ******* me awkward for it. I was in a seventh heaven with the vigour he showed me, and part way into the ******* he turned me over, to face away from him, with me bent at the waist, he ****** me from behind me. It was incredible!

I orgasmed so many times before he **********. Again, he gave me his *****, since he didn't have a condom with him, and there wasn't time for it if he had! He quickly put himself away, and straightened up. I was bent over the desk a few moments longer, and then I straightened and stood up. He had put my g-string in his pocket, but there wasn't time to recover it, for me to put it on, before his ***** began to ooze out of me again, and I needed to find a female toilet.

I got my period twenty-four hours later.
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you are very honest and kind !!!

Very quick and sexy
Lovely post

Thanx for putting it up
Wow - what a post


can imagine how hot you looked in that outfit .

Very hot story