My Rain Fantasy

I have a new fantasy.... thought I would share it with you.

ok here is goes.... let me set the mood so you can get the full visual effect....

It was pouring down rain this weekend... all cold and yucky. Not to mention I was feeling yucky myself with a cold and my period ... I know yuck and you don't to hear about that part... but too bad... its
My point in telling that part is that poor hubby had to go like 3 WHOLE days with no sex... and hear me whining about not feeling well.

So I decided we needed to spice it up a bit.

Here was my plan:

After my son went to bed I was going to put on my sexy purple crotch-less teddy with cut outs for the breasts and ***** him down to nothing and take him outside in the dark in the pouring down rain and let him have his way with me. We would be rained on and in the elements with wind and storm and cold... My nipples would be so hard cause its so cold. We would both be wet and slippery from all the rain. Our bodies would need to merge as one to keep ourselves warm.

After we were finished we would do it again in the hot warm shower. Now our bodies would be so stimulated from the changes in the temp. And from *******... it would be fabulous. He could soap me down and I would take my slippery soapy body against him.... The steam in the Bathroom would fog up the mirror.....

It would be fabulous!

The only problem.... when my son finally fell asleep... it stopped
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You're the kind of wife all men should have. Really. How many men want sex from their wives and are lucky to have it...maybe weekly. You think about it, plan it out. That makes a marriage stay together.

To bad about the kid, though. I know how that goes. With sentinels like's amazing that people have more than one child.

Lol... we only have one.... too funny. And thank you for the compliment.... thats very sweet

Hope you don't give up on this idea, sound super sexy to me. I would love to see my wife nude outside in the rain, even if we dont ****.

lets just say its a good thing its winter and the rainy season is hitting

Yea winter and rain are not a good mix, summer and rain work so much better! Well maybe you can think of something sexy with snow for your man!

no snow in our area :(

Too bad!

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Rats, it quit raining! Great fantasy and story though. Being soaked together with clothes clinging to all your curves can be so sensual and erotic! :)