The first kiss and gentle touch, there is such a rush that runs through your entire body when you get touched and know what is about to happen. It feels like everything bad or troubling in your life magically disappears and all you have in front of you if full, undeniable pleasure. The way a gentle kiss turns into more and their fingers find their way down to paradise. The feeling of ultimate desire is probably one of the biggest turn ons ever, knowing that the guy sees you now and wants you more than he did before. The whole ordeal becomes this uncontrollable feeling especially when he inserts his ego, thats when the real fun starts. In and out, in and out. With all the biting and scratching mixed in with the gentle kisses and embraces in-between breaths. Not to mention the forceful movements and grabs that make it even better. Then the ending where it feels like everything, all the bad in the world is gone and you lay in silence just thinking and usually critiquing the performance as your heart rate slows. Is it time for round two yet?
sleeplesscollegestudent sleeplesscollegestudent
18-21, F
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Yes, sex is a beautiful antidote to a difficult world

yes,,I am ready