More Than Anything Else...

We all just want to F.U.C.K.! Sex makes the world go around!

All animals are hard wired for it. We ALL want it and do it to ourselves when we can't get help. The most common sexual activity in primates is "************"!

Sex is the reason everything happens in this world. As the song goes, "It's the only reason why men buy flowers", "It's the reason old men buy lambourghini's!"

In todays world, there is something everywhere you look that can be sexual. ALL advertising pretty much is based on the premise that "Sex Sells"!

I don't know if it was the constant bombardment of sexually toned media when I was a teenager (my parents didn't know about internet filters years ago) , the fact that I "accidentally" learned to pleasure myself at such an early age, some other experience I don't remember or just a predisposition to like endorphins caressing and exciting the pleasure center of my brain several hours a day, but I LOVE SEX!!!

When I have nothing else to do, I ********** or find someone to f.u.c.k. me. I have scruples though, I won't just bed anybody, I'm not really a ****. When I have a few extra minutes between patients at work, I dream of what i can do to Chris or what he's going to do to me, etc. Before I go to bed, whether I have had sex or not that night i always start thinking about my deepest darkest fantasies as i fall asleep. Sometimes I think I'm crazy.

I love sex more than anything else that life has offered me so far. I would rather *** for the rest of my life than breath. I LOVE the physical, but the LOVE that I feel when it's Chris and I, or any of my close Girlfriends is amazing. It's rarely the crazy stuff that I write on EP, but more conventional loving of two (or more) people. I can't get enough of it, I crave it 24X7 until I get it. And for me, it's like chinese food, an hour later I'm hungry again!!!

Luckily, Chris and/or one of his friends, and/or one or more of my girlfriends is always willing to lend a "hand", lol... If they aren't I'm more than capable of doing it myself, but they usually are more than willing...
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I think I am in love with you ;-p

Totally agree with everything you said. Sex is a very basic human need. We ARE hard wired for sex. If we don't get it, we go crazy ( e.g Hysteria ) Sex is also very beneficial to health. It releases endorphins which reduce stress, relieve pain and improve euphoria. Sex also increases circulation, lowers blood pressure, benefits heart function,improves sleep, burns calories and, in men, lowers the risk of prostate infection and prostate cancer.

The only thing I don't like in what you said is, "I have scruples though, I won't just bed anybody"
Damn! there goes my chance. So disappointed! :-)