So Glad To Have Cuckolded My Husband

Springtime was always made for its propitious influence over my voluptuous senses. I will tell you two or three little incidents which occurred to me in May, 2012, when my husband Greg and I went to hot springs where clothing was optional, and met a very sporting couple named Frank and Sophie.
After a long soak in the hot springs, on first day of my arrival, we first saw Frank and Sophie indulged in a snooze in their armchairs. I have always been particularly attached to my husband, a finely developed blonde, with deep hazel eyes, pouting smile, and a full heaving expression. To me Greg looked like a perfect volcano of smothered desires.

We sat next to Frank and Sophie for a while, and started idle chit-chat. It turned out Frank was a very indolent fellow, who loved to sit reading some of the novels. This was by far too tame an amusement for me, and as I had not been there for nearly three years, I requested Sophie to show me the the grounds before we went in to dinner, saying to Frank, banteringly, "I suppose, old fellow, you're too, lazy, and would prefer your wife walking me round?"
"I'm too comfortable; lazy is an ugly word, Anne, but the fact is, Sophie is just reading a most interesting book, and I can't leave it," he replied; "besides, Sophie is quite as well, or better qualified than I am to show off the grounds. I never notice anything."

"Come on, Sophie," said I taking her hand; "Frank is in love."

"No, I'm sure he never thinks of a girl," was the reply.

Greg said, "But, surely you, Sophie, are in love, if he is not. I can tell it by your moist eyes and heaving breasts."

A scarlet flush shot over her features at his allusion to her finely moulded boobs, but it was evidently pleasing, and far from offensive, to judge by her playfully spoken, "Oh! Greg, shame on you!"

After Sophie and I took a walk, Greg and I were out of earshot, in a shady walk, so I went on a little more freely. We were a good distance away by this time, and a convenient seat stood near, so throwing his arms around me, Greg kissed my lips, as he draw with me, and said, "Now, Anne, dear, I'm your husband and old playfellow, I couldn't help kissing those beautiful lips, which I might always make free with; now you shall confess all before I let you go."

"But I've nothing to confess, Greg."

"Do you never think of love, Anne? Look me in the face if you can say it's a stranger to you," putting his hand familiarly round my neck till my right hand rested on his panting chest.

I turned my face to him, suffused as it was by a deeper blush than ever, as his hazel eyes met mine, in a fearless search of his meaning, but instead of speaking in response to this mute appeal, he kissed me rapturously, and I sucked in the fragrance of his sweet body till he fairly trembled with emotion.
It was just beginning to get dusk, my hands were caressing the strong broad skin of of his beautiful back, slowly working my way towards the heaving bubble a little lower down; at last I whispered, "What a fine, what a lovely physique you have developed since since last fall, dear Greg."

I seemed on fire, a thrill of emotion seemed to shoot through both of us, and for several moments I lay almost motionless in his arms, with one hand resting on his thigh. "When shall we be alone again, darling? We must arrange that before we go back," I said quickly.

Next morning was gloriously warm and fine; as soon as breakfast was over we started for our stroll. I gradually drew out my beautiful husband, till our conversation got exceedingly warm, the hot blood rushing in waves of crimson over my shamefaced visage.

"Anne, my darling," he said, "what can be more pleasing than to talk of fun with all the pretty girls around, their beautiful legs and breasts all around the place? How I love to see your lovely body at this moment, especially after the glimpses I have already had of all these other ladies in their splendor."

He threw himself under a shady tree, close by a meadow, and drew me, half-resisting, down on the grass be his side, and kissed me passionately, as he murmured, "Oh! Anne, what is there worth living for like the sweets of love?"
His lips met mine in a fiery embrace, but suddenly disengaging myself, my eyes cast about, and looking awfully abashed, I stammered out, "Sorry, I thought I heard someone coming."

"Ah, wife dear, can you be so innocent? Feel here the dart of love all impatient to enter that mossy grotto between your thighs," Greg whispered, placing my hand on his **** that had suddenly burst out of his restraining shorts. "How you sigh; grasp it in your hand, Anne, is it possible that you do not understand what it is for?"

As we were in public outside, my face was crimson to the roots of my hair, as his hand grasped his tool, I stared with terror at the sudden apparition of his penis; so that taking advantage of my speechless confusion his own hand, slipping under my clothes, soon had possession of my mount, and in spite of the nervous contraction of my thighs, his forefinger searched out my virgin clitoris.

"Ah! oh! oh!! Greg don't; what are you about?"

"It's all love, dear, open your thighs a wee bit and see what pleasure my finger will make you experience," he again whispered, smothering me with renewed and luscious kisses, thrusting the velvet tip of his tongue between my lips.

"Oh! oh! Someone will see!"

I seemed to sigh rather than speak, as my legs relaxed a little of their spasmodic contraction. My lips continued glued to his, our otherwise disengaged arms clasped each other closely round the waist, my hand holding his affair in a kind of convulsive grasp, whilst his fingers were busy with my clitoris and vagina; the only audible sound resembling a mixture of kisses and sighs, till all in a moment I felt his juice spurted over my hand and dress in loving sympathy. My own crack deluged with a warm, creamy spend.
In a short while we recovered our composure a little, and he told me that the ecstasy we had just felt was only a slight foretaste of the joy he could give my, by inserting his member into my vagina. His persuasive eloquence and the warmth of his desires soon overcame all fears and scruples; then for fear of damaging my dress, or getting the green stain of the grass on the knees of my light trousers, he persuaded me to stand up by a near gate and allow him to enter from behind. I hid my face in my hands on the top rail of the gate, as I slowly raised my dress; Greg’s stiffness was renewed in an instant at the sight of my bum, so beautifully relieved by the white of his handsome loins; as he opened up my rear and exposed the flesh, he could see the lips of my plump pouting cunny, deliciously feathered, with soft light down, his lovely legs, muscles, face, pretty eyes, making a tout ensemble, which as I write and describe them cause me to swell in hormoses; it was a most delicious experience. He knelt and kissed my bottom, slit, and everything his tongue could reach, he was all mine, I stood up and prepared to take possession of his love—when, alas! a sudden shriek!

His pants were back on, all our arrangements were upset in a moment; two people had unexpectedly appeared on the opposite side of the gate, and frightened us. It is too much to contemplate that scene even now. We were delighted when we found the young couple was Frank and Sophie who were on vacation for a week at the springs.

Sophie was a sprightly beauty of the Venus height, well proportioned in leg and limb, full swelling boobs, with a graceful Grecian type of face, rosy cheeks, large grey eyes, and golden auburn hair, lips as red as cherries, and teeth like pearls, frequently exhibited by a succession of winning smiles, which never seemed to leave her face. Such was the acquisition to the feminine department of the springs, as Frank had expressed considerable compunctions as to taking liberties with others.

As they walked along, I Frank was taught and muscular. Tall, with tattoos across his arm, and a T-shirt that seemed to cling to his defined pectorals. He looked like his work involved constantly lifting heavy objects, and it showed.
The next morning being gloriously fine and warm, Greg and I strolled in the grounds, for about an hour, till we come for a dip in tubs, which Sophie and Frank had already; then we secreted ourselves secure from observation, and soaked, in deep silence, in the hot waters.

This springs, were about fifty acres in extent, every side thickly wooded to the very margin, to keep prying eyes from the naked tourists, there were large huts, summer-houses, under the trees, where the bathers could undress, and then trip across the deck to the water. The bottom of the pool being gradually, and an open space, enclosed. The back of this area opened upon a very narrow foot-path, leading to the campgrounds through the dense thicket, so that any party would feel quite secure from observation. The interior of our room comfortably furnished with seats and lounges, besides a buffet, generally holding a stock of wine, biscuits, and cakes, during the bathing season.

As Greg and I sat in the springs, I wanted to be approached by Frank and Sophie with some inexplicable impatience. Some ten minutes of suspense, and then we were rewarded by hearing the ringing laughter of the approaching couple, and Frank’s voice, saying:

"Ah! Don’t the girls like the fun of seeing all these men undress and bathing, this lovely warm day";

to which we Greg laughingly replied:

"I don't mind if they do see me, if I don't know it. There's something delightful in the thought of the excitement it would put the dear ladies in. I know I should like Frank to take a fancy to Anne; I'm nearly in love with him already, and I hope he is madly excited by getting to see all her charms, when she lays out naked in the sun."

"Well, there's no fear of getting naked here, so I am one for a good romp. Off with your clothes, quick; it will be delicious in the water," exclaimed Sophie.
The undressing was soon accomplished. And they sat down next to us, the hot springs just out of sight.

"Now," said Sophie, with a gay laugh, "we must make Anne a free woman, and examine all she's got. Come on, Greg, lay her down, and turn up her upside."

I thought she was kidding, and made slight feint of resisting, as she playfully pulled off her clothes:

"You can’t look at my ***** for nothing. La! What a pretty pouting ***** yours must be, Anne. I think you have been working out."

She was soon stretched on her back on the soft mossy grass, her face covered with burning blushes, as her pretty vagina was exposed to view, ornamented with its chevelure of soft red hair; her beautiful white belly and thighs shining like marble in the bright sunlight. The three of us were blushing as well as she was, and delighted at the sight of so much loveliness.

Out of nowhere, Frank kissed the vermilion lips of his woman’s delightful slit, and then turning her on her face, proceeded to smack the lily white bottom of his laughing, screaming victim, with his open hands. Smacks and laughter echoed through the springs, and Greg and I almost fancied ourselves witnesses to the games of real nymphos. At last Sophie was allowed to rise on her knees, and then Sophie presented her ***** to Greg and me to kiss. Clasping my arms firmly round her buttocks, I somehow blurted: "Ah! Ah! You have made me feel so rude, I must suck this little female jewel," as I glued my lips to it, and hid my face almost from sight, as if I would devour Sophie’s charms there and then. Sophie, flushed with excitement, placed her hands on my head, as if to keep her there, whilst both Frank and Greg, kneeling down by the side of Sophie, began to caress her *****, ***, and every bit they could tickle or handle.

This exciting scene lasted for five or six minutes, till at last we all sank down in a confused heap on the grass, kissing and fingering in mad excitement.
Now was our time. We had each provided each other with little flirts of innuendo, and thus aimed we seemed to drop from the clouds upon the surprised Sophie, who initiated the activities. I was surprised at how I had jumped at the opportunity to please Sophie.

We were too astonished and alarmed to jump up, but we soon commenced to bring ourselves to our senses, and convince ourselves of the reality of the situation, that we had all just crossed a sexual hurdle. I felt like I was coming to my senses and couldn’t believe what had just happened. Suddenly I felt like screaming in fright and hiding my blushing face in my hands, the same face that had just mounted itself on Sophie’s womanhood.

"What rude! What lascivious ideas! Go away Sophie and Frank!" I cried, waving my arms wildly.

"Who would have thought of it, Greg? We must whip such indecent ideas out of our heads!" Frank answered, seconding my verbal assault.

Sophie and Frank screamed both from pain and shame, and springing to their feet, ran off the lawn; there was no escape. We chased after them. At last we were getting quite out of breath, and beginning fairly to pant from exhaustion, when Sophie suddenly turned upon me, saying,

"Come, come, guys, we are quite as ashamed as you are, and agree to keep this secret!" Frank and Sophie blushed and looked very shamefaced at the memory of our rampant engines of love.

Frank seized Sophie round the waist, and led the way into the house, Greg following. Frank then produced wine from the buffet, sat down with Sophie on his knee, whilst Greg sat with me; we plied several glasses of champagne each, Frank and Sophie they seemed to swallow in order to drown their sense of shame.

But as we could feel their bodies quiver with emotion as they reclined upon their beds, their hands and ours began groping under shirts and clothes in every forbidden spot; Greg and Frank each had two delicate hands caressing their *****, two delicious arms around our necks, two faces laid cheek to cheek on either side, two sets of lips to kiss, two pairs of bright and humid eyes to return our ardent glances; what wonder then that Greg and Frank flooded our hands with their spurting seed and we felt their delicious spendings trickle over our busy fingers.

Excited by the wine, and madly lustful to enjoy the dear Frank and Sophie to the utmost, she stretched my legs wide apart, and sinking on her knees, went down on me, till I spent again in ecstasy, whilst I was doing the same to Frank, sucking the last drop of spend from his gushing *****; meanwhile Greg was following my example, Sophie surrendered to his lascivious tongue all the recesses of her ***** as she screamed with delight and pressed his head towards her mount when the frenzy of love brought her to the spending point; me all the while kissing Frank’s belly, after sucking him to a delicious emission.

When we recovered a little from this exciting tryst, all bashfulness was vanished between us, we promised to renew our pleasures on the morrow, and for the present contented ourselves by bathing all together, and then returned to the house.

After lunch Greg and I were in my room; the events of the
morning had left both of us in a most unsettled and excited state.

"I say, Greg,"
I exclaimed, "It's quite impossible for me to wait till to-morrow for the 
chance of enjoying that delicious Frank; besides, when there are so many of us 
together there is just the chance of being disappointed; no, no, it must be this very
 night if I die for it; their room is only the other side of here'."

Greg tried to persuade me from doing anything rashly, as we could not yet be
certain that even excited and ready as he had shown himself, that Greg was prepared
 to surrender me to another man so quickly. However, arguments and reasonings were in

"See," I exclaimed, "the very thoughts of me with him make your ***** ready to burst," 
opening his trousers and letting out his beautiful small red-headed ****, as it stood in all its 
manly glory, stiff and hard as marble, with the hot blood looking ready to burst from 
his distended veins; the sight was too exciting for me to restrain myself, I 
dropped to my knees, in front of him, I kissed, sucked,
 tongued, and played with his delicious little ***** till he spent in my mouth with an 
exclamation of rapture, as I eagerly swallowed every drop of his emission. 
When we had a little recovered our serenity, we discussed the best plans for the 
night, as I was determined to have my share of the amusement, which Greg most 
willingly agreed to, provided Sophie and Frank made the invitation, and prevail upon her 
to consent to his ardent suit. Then at dinner when all seemed to be moving along, I wanted to surprise
t hem in the midst of their fun, and join in another erotic frolic.

After dinner we adjourned to the temple, where a most pleasant evening
 was enlivened by music and singing, leaving Frank turning over the leaves for Sophie, as they sang "What Are the Wild Waves Saying." Frank and Sophie
whispered to me that they should like a short stroll in the garden by moonlight, so 
opening the door, a few steps brought us on to the soft gravel path, where we 
could walk with an almost noiseless tread. We felt sure that Greg would not run after us, so passing rapidly down a shady walk, with one arm round each of the dear couple’s waists,
and alternately kissing one and the other of them, we soon arrived at a very
convenient spot, and the instinct of love allowed me to guide the willing couple into a
rather dark arbour without the least demur on their part.

"How lovely the honeysuckle smells!" sighed Sophie, as I drew them both down
by my side in the corner, and began a most delicious kissing and groping in the dim

"Not so sweet as your dear little *****," said I, playfully twisting my fingers in
the soft down around the tight little grotto of love which I had taken possession of.
"Oh! Oh! Mind, Greg dear!" she sighed softly, as she clung round my neck.

"Will you let me kiss it as you did me this morning, my little pet, it will give 
you such pleasure; there's nothing to be bashful or shamefaced about here in the
dark; ask your husband if it isn’t delicious."

Frank - "Oh! let him, Sophie dear, you will experience the most heavenly

Thus urged she allowed me to raise her clothes, and recline her backwards in the
corner, but this would not admit of Sophie having her fair share of the game, but as
 he was now all aflame with excited expectation, there was no difficulty in
persuading her to kneel over my face as I reclined on my back at full length on the
seat; Sophie’s hands at once let Frank’s eager ***** out of his confined position in his 
shorts, and as I commenced to suck and eat Sophie, I felt that the dear 
Frank had given possession of his **** for my own special benefit.

"Oh! let me kiss you, Sophie dear, put your tongue in my mouth," I said as I straddling over her, and putting my excited hand up her longing
crack; I clasped the younger girl firmly round
 the butt with one arm, whilst with my right hand I found and rubbed her stiff
little clitoris to increase the excitement from the lascivious motions of my tongue in
 her moist clitoris. Sophie was in a frenzy of voluptuous enjoyment, she bounced up and down on 
Frank’s *****, and now and then rested for a moment to indulge in the exquisite pleasure 
of the devil's bite, which she seemed to possess to a most precocious extent, the folds
 of her vagina contracting and throbbing upon his swelling ***** in the most delicious

Frank and Sophie met at this moment in a joint spend, which left us in an
ecstatic lethargy of love, and the two almost fainted upon my prostrate body.
Sophie was all of a tremble, she wriggled herself most excitedly over my mouth,
and I licked up their spendings as they came down in a thick creamy emission.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she sighed, hugging and kissing me in fondest abandon.
"What is it, dear? I shall choke. There's something running from me; it's so
delicious. Oh! What shall I do?"

When we had recovered a little, I sat up between the loving couple.
Sophie, throwing her arms round my neck, quite smothered one with her burning
 kisses, as she whispered in my ear:

"It was indeed pleasure, dear Anne. Is that one
 of the delights of love, and what was Greg doing, for wasn’t he was as excited as I was?"

"Can't you guess, darling?" I replied, taking her hand and placing it upon my
still rampant vagina. "This is what he plays with."

"But now?" whispered the innocent girl. "She was kissing and sucking my
tongue deliciously all the while, but seemed as if she could not keep still a moment."

"You shall have that plaything of mine inside you, my dear, and ride up and
down upon it till we all faint with pleasure at the same time. You shall have a
real lesson in love Anne, and Frank won't be jealous, will you, dearest?"

Frank. - "No, no, we must all be free to enjoy all the games of love without
jealousy. I wonder how Greg is getting on by this time. We must now 
make haste back."

Sophie was anxious for more explanations as to the arts of love, but was put off
 till another time; and all being now in a cooler state of mind, we returned to the 
house, where we found Greg was gone out of the room.

"Oh! How rude and indecent of us all," exclaimed Greg when I told him what happened, "but who can resist the 
burning touches of a lovely young couple like this; they are so impudent,
and it sends such a thrill of voluptuousness through the whole frame," commencing 
to sing, "It's naughty, but it's nice."

He was too impatient to stop long, and, after only one drink, undressing as quickly as possible, I went to Greg, and escorted him to 
the door of my lady-love; it was unlocked, and Greg glided noiselessly into my 
darkened chamber. Greg then passed out in ecstasy from the heavenly feeling of our love.
Night fell, and, after a light repast, we were all separated to our rooms.

But Frank came into our chamber to join in a glass of grog before finally

"It's all right for to-night, sweet girl," he exclaimed, as soon as we were seated.

"I begged Sophie to let me kiss all your charms, in your own room
 without the inconvenience of clothes. She made some objections at first, but finally
consented, so long it’s alright with Greg," who lay asleep in bed with a contented smile on his face. "Anne, let us lay side by side and enjoy feeling our bodies in naked contact
before we begin the kissing each other's charms."

I could see that his shirt and his penis were both turned up as high as 
possible, and his ***** was throbbing against his belly. He made me grasp it in my
 hand, and pulling one of my legs over his thighs, was trying to place the head of his 
eager **** to the mark between my legs.

"Ah! No! No! Never! I promised on my honour, sir! I am a married woman." I almost
 screamed in alarm, and struggling to disengage myself from his strong embrace.
"No! No! Oh! No! I won't, indeed!"

I struggled in desperate silence for a few moments, but my strength was
unequal Frank’s; he gradually got into position, and then taking advantage of Greg’s
 bewilderment and exhaustion, rapidly and ruthlessly completed my ravishment.

Frank laughed. "How can you have honour when I tempt you 
so? You have driven me mad by the liberties that you have taken with me and Sophie. Resistance
is useless. I would rather die than not have you now, Anne, my dear girl."

Greg was still knocked out, and I took advantage of his 
unconsciousness to feel Frank inside of me, and looked down at the foot of the bed, where I had 
a fine view of his massive weapon, thrusting in and out of my stretched
 vagina. Frank’s first thrust hurt a little, but soon I seemed to begin to enjoy his movements, especially after 
the first lubricating injection of Greg’s love juice. I heaved to meet Frank’s
 thrusts, and my arms clung convulsively round his body, and seemed I did not want to let 
him withdraw, until we both came together in a luscious spend.

I was startled as Greg was evidently awake and had come over, for I could hear
his rapturous stroking and his exclamation of delight as he ran his hands over

"Anne, my love, I must light the candles to feast my eyes upon this
extraordinary beauty. Why did you put out the lights?"

He made some faint
remonstrance, but the room was soon a blaze of light from half-a-dozen candles. Seeing me in bed with another man, Greg’s previous soft manner seemed in a moment to have changed to a mad fire, as
 he suddenly rolled her over on his back.

Frank lay exhausted after this bout, I advanced and kissed Greg, and as 
he opened his eyes, I placed my hand across his mouth to stop any inconvenient
scream of surprise, and congratulated him on not going ballistic after Frank so nicely claimed my yearning vagina, and claimed his share of the fun. I drew Greg’s attention to the now 
rampant condition of his **** in contrast to Frank's limp affair. I could see he was 
now eager for a repetition of the pleasure we had before Frank arrived. His eyes 
were full of languishing desire as I placed my mouth upon his *****.

In accordance with our previously devised arrangements Greg mounted me again, his **** was inserted in my still tender *****, with great 
care, and allowed slowly to get his position, but the excitement of watching me with another man was too great for Greg,
 with an exclamation of delight he shot a stream of ***** up into my very entrails, this 
set me off, I began slowly to move upon him, my vagina gripping and throbbing up on 
his shaft most deliciously, and we were soon running another delightful course.

was too much for Frank, his **** was again as hard as iron, and eager to get in 
somewhere, so kneeling up behind me he tried to insert his ***** in my vagina 
alongside of Greg’s, but found it too difficult to achieve. Then the charming wrinkled 
orifice of my pink bottom-hole caught his attention, the tip of his affair was wet with
our spendings, and his vigorous shoves soon gained an entrance, as I was holding Greg 
fast and he was too excited to resist anything, only giving a slight scream as he 
found Frank slip inside of the part I had never allowed him. I
 asked them to rest a few moments and enjoy the sensation of feeling where we were. Their dices were throbbing against each other in a most delicious manner, with only the 
thin membrane of my anal canal between them; it made us spend immediately to the
 great delight of Frank, who at once urged us to go on.

This was the most delightful bout of ******* I had ever had; Frank made us do it
 over and over again and, when we were exhausted, I sucked Greg and Frank’s ****** up to renewed 
cockstands. This lasted till the dawn of day warned us of the necessity of precaution,
and we retired to our respective rooms.
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