An Intro To Who I Am.

I'm the sexy female twin of a male alter ego.
I like to flirt and have adventurous, yet respectful sexual encounters with strangers. If you respect a womans sexuality and don't consider sexually adventurous women as "s**ts", "wh**es" or "s**nks" then hopefully we can have some special adventures together.
I am a feminist of sorts, and I believe that women should have the freedom to do what they wish with their bodies and lives, of course within certain boundaries (not breaking the law, not having non-consentual sex, ABSOLUTELY NO KIDDIE **** OR **********) and if you agree with me about these then we can get along fine.
I don't post pictures, but if you really have to know I'm a 5'6" female with long black hair, slender body type and A cup breasts.
I will not tell you where I live or give you any other personal info, apart the fact that I am single and curious about sex, with both women and men.
My mood fluctuates vastly so it may be that I'm not on EP for a few months, and then I suddenly need to hear some really hot stories from other curious adventurers.
I believe that everyone should be accepted for who they are, and that women who are interested in sex shouldn't be ashamed of being so.
Well, I guess that's it for now.
Happy adventures lovely people of EP. <3
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Dec 14, 2012