With Black Dudes And Hispanics

The only way I'm satisfied with sex is with Blacks and Hispanics. They have the **** game and confidence I like better than White guys. They know how to **** well and I'm sure on my story comments, you guys will say white guys are good too, but I don't think so. Plus Blacks/Hispanics are so damn sexy. I don't get hot and bothered when I see a White guy. I know a lot of women that are flocking to them and personally I don't blame them. So if you aren't Black or Hispanic, I would step your game up, cuz women will leave you behind. ;)
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10 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I would say: The only way I'm satisfied with sex is with White women. They have sweet and tight *******. I like better than Hispanics girls.

i luv a woman that knows what she wants...add me on.im a hispanic male..see my pics and let me know what u think

Some of us have better **** game than you think! But hey enjoy what turns you on!

Haha I guess I'm blessed because I'm a black Hispanic. :)

Nice to be rated as a thoroughbred?but isn't that a bias view? Mind you,I'm not complaining,if a sumptuous girl like you prefers hunks like me then I'm buying my entry ticket now!

And I prefer Armenian girls for some reason....the more dominant the better!

mmmmm, id love to fill your sweet wet ***** with my big hard ****. xxx

Robin has never ****** a hisp. guy but she does love a bbc. She would agree with you and does have greater org's when she ******* a black guy. she is encourging our daughter to **** black guys only if she wants to experiance the best. What a ***** she is!


Then you must add me.

Another mistaken identity case, where white boys been telling folk they're a man.

As for black, I can relate. When it comes to having a good time with a lady, I can to lean to the dark side myself.

In my case you are probably right. I would love to be your old reliable hubby who does the housework and begs for sloppy seconds when you come home after ******* you black and hispanic studs.