Weekend Madness

It has been a long, hard week. Tragedies, problems, issues. I need a break, I need to run away. So, I get in my car and drive, for several hours. I have packed an overnight bag, I plan to find a hotel with a bar, maybe by an airport. There are lots of overnight travelers in those hotels, perhaps I will get lucky.

I get my room, unpack my bag and run my bath. Time to relax, scent up, fix my hair and face. Unwinding is a wonderful thing, I feel the tension flowing out of me. I put on red lacy bra, matching thong, tight skinny jeans, a thin tight sweater and heels. I am ready to head to the bar.

I choose a seat at the corner of the bar. I want to watch who is coming and going. Call it amusement if this is an unproductive night. I love to watch people..their hand signals, facial expressions, how they dress, how they respond to others. It all tells a story about them and who they are.

I order a long island iced tea. I won't drink too many of them. They are strong and I do not weigh much. But one drink will get me good and mellow. While I am sipping my drink, I realize I am being watched. I feel his eyes on me and I look across the bar to see who is staring at me. I look into the most intense eyes I have ever seen. A predators eyes, he has a strong chiseled face, dark eyes, long lashes, long fingers and strong hands. He stands up and I forget to breathe. He stalks toward me and my first thought is to run. I am not too sure I can handle this man. That he would even allow me to handle him.

He stops in front of me and asks if I mind if he takes the seat at the corner..I tell him I don't mind and he sits. My name is Rick (aren't they all), he tells me and I tell him I am Lisa. This man scares me with his intensity yet my nipples are hard. This will be an interesting night. We make small talk while we finish our drinks and when the bar tender comes over to refill them, he tells her no. He pays for our drinks and leaves the tip, takes my elbow and asks me my room or his. I notice he doesn't ask if I want this, only where I want to go. I just look at him and he chooses for me. His room he says, speak up now if I want my room instead.I just shake my head and allow him to lead me to his room.

I am curious what I will find there, he is travelling overnight..a business man. He claims to not be married (right) and I will go along for now. He opens his door for me and follows me in. He puts his hand on my neck, not choking me just trapping me and backs me up against the door. He slides his body up against mine and begins to devour my mouth. My knees begin to buckle, with a kiss he has already made his mark and demanded my submission. His other hand is tracing my body..feeling..touching..learning.

My left hand is holding onto his shoulder, my right is unbuttoning his shirt. I need to feel skin and I need to touch his chest. I pull his shirt out of his pants and let my fingertips wander. He has a light sprinkling of hair across his chest and around his belly button..arrowing down into his pants. I find this incredibly sexy and slide my hand up to his nipples. I lightly rub each one and they respond enthusiastically. I try to unbutton his trousers and he stops me, takes both my hands and pins them over my head. Then he quietly leads me to his bed.

He slides my sweater up over my head, "keep your hands on top of your head" he says. I feel his hands slide down my body as he reaches for my button and zipper on my jeans. He pulls them down. pushes me onto the bed and kneels to pulls them off of me. He removes my stockings and massages my feet. After those heels, this is almost better than sex.His hands travel up the insides of my legs to my thong, he presses his mouth to the crotch and I feel his warm breath. I am already wet and sensitive, I push up toward him. He holds my hips down, then pulls my thong off. He removes the bra and ties my hands together and attaches them to the headboard. Now I am nervous and excited, an odd combination.

He leans down, kisses me, playing with my mouth. I nibble on his bottom lip..it is full and delectable. He nuzzles my neck and bites me. I love this, it is so sexy. Down to my breasts..he bites a nipple hard....ouch..I try to pull away and he smacks my butt. Stay still....if I do not take what he gives..say stop..and we are done. I shiver and nod my head. He travels down my body..kissing..running his nose. He grabs my thighs, spreads them apart and pushes my legs back. "Leave them there or I will tie them back" he says. I am exposed and helpless, not a feeling I would normally enjoy. But this man has a spell on me and I comply.

He runs his tongue along my crevice and I feel the air leave my chest. My head spins and I am hungry for more. His kisses and licks the insides of my thighs, then bites me..it stings and burns but I do not complain. Instead I grow wetter. Please, I say, I need you in me. He smacks my *****, "when I am ready" and not before. He licks my crevice again and I want to cry I am so sensitive. I need to come and he wants total control. I try to concentrate on my breathing to gain better control so he spreads my lips and sucks my button into his mouth. My hips jerk off the bed and I cry out. "Please" I beg him, I need you to **** me. My head is thrashing back and forth as I beg. His tongue is flicking me and he dips two fingers in my *****, then moves to my butt and pushes them in. I try to wiggle away and he holds me down, forcing me to take his fingers.

I begin to grind myself on his fingers and he tells me good girl. He sits up and begins removing his clothes. He has a gorgeous body and I love looking at it. I hear the sound of a condom packet and watch him put it on. He towers over me and in one thrust enters me, and slowly pulls out. My legs fall down and he pulls them up and smacks my butt...keep them up! He begins thrusting in and out..faster until I finally go over the edge..his thumb on my button..rubbing and circling. Before I can catch my breath he pulls out, pulls my legs straight up and together, holding onto them and enters my anus. I have never been ****** there before and try to squirm away. He holds me still with one arm, adds lubes and continues in. I feel strange, full, weird and he keeps working in ..little by little. Coaxing me, telling me I am a good girl..take all of him..he will make it feel good. I am tense so he starts rubbing me crevice, my button and I heat up quick.

I realize I am starting to like the sensation and wiggle back at him. He slowly thrusts in and out and begins spanking me. I am having a hard time getting air..the tension in my body is winding tighter and tighter. You push my knees back to my chest and spread my legs again. Oh God, I say as you begin thrusting and playing with my button, holding my eyes captive in yours. My entire body begins to shake and I start whining and moaning. You are close as well..u are grunting and groaning. You start thrusting faster and send me over the edge. I scream with a pleasure so intense I feel as if I will pass out. You grind into me as you moan and start to come. You sink on top of me and hold me, staying in me until you soften and finally fall out.

Eventually you get up and I hear you running water. You come back with a warm washrag, clean me up and dry me. After you clean yourself you curl around me and we fall asleep. I am so tired I sleep a dreamless sleep. When I wake up, you are gone. There is a note on the dresser with a rose telling me you had an early flight and had to go. I slowly dress and as I put my jeans on I realize there is something in the back pocket. I pull out a business card with your name and number, and I smile. I will see you again.

As I drive the long drive home..I send you a text with my number in it. As I pull into my driveway the phone rings, I look down and see the caller is you...
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"say stop..and we are done." Let your partner know they're free and their submission is sooo much hotter.

Great balls of fire. I was gonna head out and do some shovelin ... but I believe I may wait a few minutes and see if there's any more of this. Delicious words.


I love new fans. Thanks:)

just wow ~ nothing like having your feet massaged.