Vicky.... My Inner ****

On the outside, I like to consider myself a fairly normal person. I have always tried to fit in and not make a big scene when I go out. I am one of those people that tends to get some attention but am by no way the life of the party nor am I the wallflower in the corner. I try to blend but I am not always successful.

But on the INSIDE... I am quite a bit different. I think that if a lot of my friends and family knew just what a naughty/kinky person I can be they would be SHOCKED to say the least.

The birth of my inner ****... I call her Vicky.... started about 2 years ago. My husband has always loved me for who I am, but I did not always love who I was. I was (and still am most of the time) very self conscience of what I look like, how I act, what people think. I can't help it...its hard wired into my brain.

About 2 years ago I decided to do a professional topless photo shoot with a photographer friend of mine. He taught me how to give "the look" Before this, I had never tried to look hot or sexy. I never had to try to get a man's attention by staring at him from across the room. I had no clue. In fact it was quite funny that first time with my friend and him saying.. "nope.. now you just looked mad...try again... wait you lost it... you had it... wait... there it is... do" 

Along with him teaching me "The Look" he built my self confidence in myself. After seeing how hot I looked in the first set of pictures and how incredibly happy it made my husband after I gave him this pictures... I was feeling empowered!
I was so proud of myself for doing the photo shoot. It was a big step for me. I shared the photos with my co-workers and one of them (my 75 year old boss) said we needed to change my name to Vicky. As in Victorian Secrets since the photos were so clean and sexy. And so the name stuck.... Vicky....

Now two years later, Vicky is who comes out when its time to play naughty with hubby. Vicky is the one who teases and tortures my Banter Buddy. Vicky is the little extra sparkle that I get in my eyes. Vicky is very very naughty and curious. Vicky will have sex in the public bathroom with hubby. Vicky will wear Lunar balls and has pierced nipples. Vicky will be at the movies with husband, son, grandmother ect.. and will play with husband's **** until he **** while everyone is watching Finding Nemo.... Vicky goes on topless road trips and flashes construction workers... Vicky is very very naughty. And very very very fun!

I am so glad I was able ti find my inner ****. Funny thing... I HATE the word ****... hate it with a passion... but I can't think of a better word to described what she is.

I am thankful I learned how to unleash her. And so is my husband!! He now gets sex 5-7 times week. sometimes several times a day. and more then just that... he also gets the new me. The me when I am not in total Vicky Mode but am very playful..more than I ever used to be. By learning how to tap into Vicky I have learned how to loosen up the regular me. I am more playful and comfortable in my own skin then I ever used to be.
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WOW... well done you!


Thats a great revelation, its good that you were able to find that inner self of you, which most of us keep wrapped up considerably. Thanks for sharing

I agree... most people go through life never meeting their inner naughty side

Great story, my names inner goddess/**** is named Cathy, but all of the other stuff is the same, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

Cathy? .... interesting choice for a man .... lol

Opps, had to edit my original comment

Congratulations, for taking the first step. The steps you have taken since then are all small compared to that first leap of faith. And kudos to your photographer friend for helping you find 'Your' Look!

He was really amazing. My husband was so thankful he went to his house and thanked him in person.