The Gift Of Sex!

What a great concept in for exercising ...............burn some calories through your "sex"ercise and feel gr8 doing it! Then there's always the Oxytocin levels (the feel good hormones) raising pre, during, and post workout and what's wrong with feeling good about yourself and the one you are with. And just to put icing on the cake, that same Oxytocin, it helps you sleep better. Gosh, there you have it - workout, feel good, sleep well!

Thank god for giving us the gift of sex!  
babsandterry babsandterry
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Totally agreed, you have a great observation and a very positive thinking that is adorable. The originality in your thought makes your a very special person indeed

Just wish I had more of it

Surely sex is great activity, it always makes you feel good!